Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mission Call - March 30 , 2011

Friends in Folsom waiting for Avram to open up his call.

Checking the skype to make sure everything works.

Friends and Family in Folsom anxious to hear where Avram is going.

Everyone in Folsom tried to guess where Avram was going. Trevor Brizzee was the closest, he guessed Brazil. There are 28 missions in Brazil.

Avram TylerTwitchell received his mission call on March 30, 2011 (Thursday) Avram contacted
us this morning to say he had gotten his mission call, he didn’t get it until around 10:30 am, he was all excited to tell us he had it, he Skype me (mom) to
show me the envelope.

We had a little party tonight for his mission opening. The Brizzee’s, Seipert’s and Aaron/Joylyn/Landon and Lena came. We Skype Avram. He had a whole room full of people; Amber, Elaina and Austin were there it was fun seeing them. Ben, Ellee, Brittany, Sydney the rest I didn’t know. At about 6:15 pm Avram
opened up his mission call. We had Ed on the phone here (he is living in San Jose) and they had Alicia (who lives in Rexburg) on the phone in Provo. AVRAM READ THAT HE IS GOING TO THE



I’m so excited for him, but it seems so far away, he will report to the Brazil MTC. He was really excited.

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