Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Temple Attendance

1st time - June 22, 2011(Wednesday) Avram is going through the temple tonight. Ed and Avram went at 2:00 pm for his endowment/initiatory the session was 4:00 pm. Charley, Virginia, Ed, Avram, Amber, Alicia and I went through it was really nice. We went to the Timpanogos Temple.

2nd time - June 24, 2011 (Friday) We went to the Provo Temple so we were there for the session that Charley was officiating at, it was fun to see him at the head alter. Avram, Ed, Amber, Alicia and Mom, were all there.
3rd - July 15, 2011 (Friday) Avram went to the Temple with Andrew, Spencer and Ben at the Sacramento Temple

4th - August 17, 2011 (Wednesday) Ben, Ellee, Brittney and Avram went to the Oakland Temple, Ben and Avram went through a session, Ellee and Brittney did baptisms.

5th - September 14, 2011 (Wednesday) Mom and Avram went to the Oakland Temple

6th - September 20, 2011 (Tuesday) Mom, Alicia and Avram went to the Salt Lake Temple

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