Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Entering the MTC - September 21, 2011

Elder Avram Tyler Twitchell


Goes in Avram

Comes out Elder Twitchell

Good-bye to Grandma & Grandpa Twitchell

Tuttle happen to be having lunch at Brick Oven, they came to bid him farewell.

Said our Good-byes at the Provo Temple

Amber, Austin, Avram, Alicia, Klaudia, Elaina

Alicia's goodbye to Avram

Austin and Avram were best of BUDDIES

Elaina loves her Avram.

Elaina fake cried when she saw all of us crying

she said "I miss Avram soooo much"

They were buddies.

Amber saying goodbye

Elder Spencer Hodson (Avram really good friend from Folsom & BYU)

was Avram Host to show him around the MTC.

What a relief that was.

Avram's HOSTS were

Elder Twitchell (from Washington)- Elder Twitchell -Elder Hodson

Avram entered the MTC on Sept 21, 2011 - WOW what a day today is, such mixed emotions. Avram is going into the MTC today. He is sooooo nervous, he has had an upset stomach for a couple of days. We went to Brick Oven to eat lunch, Twitchell’s joined us. While we were there the Tuttle came in for lunch so they gave him a hug and wished him well. We took him up to the Temple grounds to walk around till it was time for him to check in. He was so nervous, when it came time he was pretty teary, he tried to call Ed and Autumn but couldn’t get them so he left teary messages. They did end up calling him before he went in. We then got in line to have him go to the MTC it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be, there was a line up of missionaries to welcome him. Then he spotted Elder Spencer Hodson one of his really good friends, he ran after our car, then greeted Avram. It was great it really made Avram calm down, he was so excited to see Spencer. Spencer got to be Avram’s host so that was nice and Spencer spoke Portuguese to Avram so that was exciting the funny thing too was that the other Elder that Hosted Avram was an Elder Twitchell. It calmed him way down and we left him being really happy so that helped out a lot. Elaina was so funny she saw us all crying so she faked cried and said that she misses Avram so much. Austin loves Avram it will be hard for them to be separated. I miss him so much already I won’t see him for TWO years that is way too long. I love him so much

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