Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays!!! 5 Baptisms this week

December 14, 2011
Happy Holidays!
Christmas is just as big here as it is in the United States. They have Santa Claus (Papai Noel), lights, nativity plays, and Christmas carols. It´s sweet!
I did receive a package from Joylyn and Aaron, tell them thanks for the Ties! My whole zone is coveting my beautiful Christmas ties that they gave me :) I also got two packages from you guys, one with presents, and another with a stocking. Thanks a ton! I´m excited to cook some cookies. Yum! Tell Grandma Johnson Thanks for the money.
Here´s the deal with the e-mails. At the MTC, I was really spoiled, because I would print out your
letters in the morning, plan out what I was going to say to you before I actually wrote, and then I had an entire hour to just write and write. So, that´s why my letters were so long before. Here, I have 40 minutes to read everything I receive (including letters from you, letters from others, and
letters from our mission), write a letter to you, and write a letter to the mission president (mandatory). So, yeah, I don´t have much time to do everything. After all is said and done, I´m usually spending 20 minutes writing you guys, so it´s not that much time. I still want e-mails, from everyone! But yeah, it might be better if you write more in the handwritten letters, because then I´ll be able to respond better. I can´t print off e-mails anymore (it´s super expensive) so whatever you write here, I probably will only read it once. Sorry!
I think I´m also going to start writing handwritten letters more during P-day. I haven´t written one yet, but we certainly have time to, so next week, I´ll write something to you, and it´ll be long, ok! Sorry, I´m still trying to figure out how everything works down here in Brazil, and how to manage my time well, given the mission rules, money, time constraints, etc.. I think about you guys a lot, and I am really thankful for all the letters you send me!!
Maria and Patrique were not baptized. I think that they only said they wanted to be baptized because they wanted to please Elder Brino and I, but really, they aren´t ready, and they weren´t willing to keep all of the commandments. We basically had to drop them, which was really, really hard for me and Elder Brino, but even more so for Elder Brino. We still pass by every once in a while, and I think the YW president here is going to visit Maria and invite her to Mutual, but yeah, we´re not really teaching them anymore. It kind of sucks.
About the Peterson family... they got baptized this past Sunday! It was on the 11th. Anyway, Peterson, his wife Adriana, and their three daughters, Adrielle, Aline and Alissandra were all baptized. Their son, Leonardo, was going to be baptized, but Sunday morning his boss came to their house and told him he had to work. Satan is really trying to work on them! but, I think he will be baptized this Sunday, so it´s all good. Also, we started teaching their oldest son, Alex, yesterday, and hopefully he´ll get baptized as well. But it was soooo cool, their family is amazing. It was really funny, our ZL, Elder Rogers, did all the interviews, and after Aline and Alissandra (their twins, both 10 years old) were interviewed and passed, they ran up to me and hugged me. Ahhh, I broke the rule!!! It was funny. And, I baptized my first person ever--Aline Pareira Rei!
I was nervous because I did the prayer in Portuguese, and I wanted to say it right. Everything went great, it was such a spiritual experience!!!
The church is the organization of Jesus Christ, and so, when we do stuff
for the church, we´re working to strengthen Jesus Christ´s organization. So
yeah, it´s good! I didn´t realize this as much before my mission, but now I´m
really understanding how important our callings in the church are, and how
important it is to really magnify our callings. When we do our best, so many
people are blessed through our efforts.
Ok, I have to go, but I
promise I will write a loooong letter next week, and I´ll tell you all about
the Christmas conference we had yesterday. It was really, really cool! I´m
sorry I can´t write more, but I am praying for you always, so hopefully you
feel my prayers back home!
Love you all Lots!!!!
Elder Twitchell

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