Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Third P-day December 7, 2011

Hey Family!
I don´t even know where to begin, it feels like so much has happened, but at the same time, it feels like no time at all has passed. I can´t believe I´m already on my third P-day! Que Isso!
So, I, in fact, did have clean clothes this week, which is a relief. I went one day having to use dirty garments, and it was horrible, I´m never going to do that again.
The woman we baptized is named Fernanda, and she is 23 years old. She had a hard situation going on for a while, because she had her twins, and was living with this guy who didn´t treat her well (I think, I´m still not understanding everything very well) but she broke up with him, and then somehow we got her reference, and went to teach her. It was really cool!
This past week we didn´t have a baptism, but we had two baptisms planned. It was with Maria and Patrique, who are part of this group of awesome teenagers that we teach. The problem is that they both were unsure about being baptized, but they didn´t tell us. Maria was iffy because she doesn´t like keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, because she likes to go shopping. Also, her dad doesn´t think she should be baptized, but he really doesn´t have custody over her. And Patrique wasn´t baptized because he was still drinking coffee. It was really hard for Elder Brino and I, though, because we were so hopeful about Maria. We planned her baptism for 7 PM on Sunday, and we went to go get her at 6, and she wasn´t there. We waited outside of her house until about 6:50 PM, when she finally arrived. She had been shopping. SO we talked to her a little bit, and how important sundays are. But really, we spoke to her yesterday about being baptized this coming Sunday, and she´s really reluctant, I don´t think she´ll get baptized. It´s really sad for me, but Elder Brino took it really really hard, because he had been teaching Maria for a while. So that kind of sucked. We´ll see about Patrique, though.
On a happier note, we have 6 other baptisms marked for Sunday. Yes, 6! We are teaching this awesome family, the Petersons (American name!?) and they are super super firm, I would be really surprised if they WEREN´T baptized at this point. They´re awesome, the family consists of Peterson and Adriana (the parents), their son, Leonardo, and their three daughters Adrielle, Alissandra e Aline. They´re awesome, they´re always trying to teach me new Portuguese
words. They think it´s so funny that I don´t know anything. haha.
So, I´m not sure Elder Brino´s middle names, but his first name is Felipe. Felipe Brino. He´s really great, although he get´s frustrated with me sometimes because I don´t know certain words when he´s telling me. The other day he pointed at his shoe and said ´borracha´. I had no idea what he was talking about, and I told him so. He just kept repeating Borracha, and they he pointed at a tire and said ´Borracha´. I still had no idea what he was talking about. I thought he was saying worn, because his shoes are definitely falling apart. But it turns out borracha means rubber. NOssa, how was I supposed to know that.
I don´t really know where I live, sorry! The street is Mandirituba, close to the crossing of Mandirituba and Izaak, but really, I don´t know my address. not important ;)
That´s really cool about your missionary moments, I am so glad that you guys are helping out the missionary effort. Really, it´s so much better when we have the members here helping us out. It makes all the difference in the world. I think 70-80% of all baptisms world-wide come from member referrals. So, keep doing the missionary work!
The church dinner sounds fun! We had one this past saturday too, but the whole time, we were getting investigators to come, and also we did some baptismal interviews for our Zone leaders, so we didn´t really get to eat all that much. The food here is great though, it really isn´t that much different. Of course, they eat Beans and rice everyday, but it´s good. The number one thing that´s different is the milk, the milk is kind of... thin. It´s not as good as US milk, that ´s for sure.
I actually already know a couple of the missionaries in that list you sent. Elder Rogers is one of our Zone Leaders. He´s a really good missionary, he loves to work, and he´s helped me out a lot to learn how things operate here in the field. He´s been great. I also know Elder Christensen, he´s in my zone. I haven´t got to know him that much, but he´s really nice, so that´s good. And I definitely am looking forward to meeting Elder Patton. I also hope that Sister Patton comes out soon, that will be great! it´d be cool to see her at our Christmas party on the 13th.
Ok, I have to go soon, but a few things real quick:
Elder Brino wants a couple of journals, like the one I have (with Jesus on the Front). He said he would pay me back if you sent him a couple of Journals, so if you can do that, that´d be great! but, wait until next week, because if you send a package, there might be some stuff that I need, so you can send them with the Journals.
Also, there is a member here that claims to Know Eric King. His name if Nefi Ugarte. Ask Eric King if he knows him:
One more thing. So, on Christmas I´ll be able to Skype you guys from a member house!!! But we have to arrange everything through e-mail. I don´t really know where we´re going to do skype yet here, but I´ll tell you as soon as I know. We´ll probably be doing skype during the afternoon sometime here, which will be earlier for you guys. I don´t know exactly how much, but this would be a good thing to consider. You guys can tell me a specific hour that would be better, and I can try to call you then.
Ok, I gotta go! I love you all so much! Keep praying and reading your scriptures!
Elder Twitchell!!!
PS. I thought you might enjoy this, the other day, we were in a members house, and their TV was playing some sort of Brazillian Soap opera. I glanced over at the TV for a moment, and in the Soap opera, there were two kids watching Avatar: The Last Airbender!!! the episode, to be exact, was the Avatar State.
This told me two things:
1) God Loves me
2) they have Avatar here.

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