Thursday, October 18, 2012

New companion Elder Windous

October 15, 2012

Hey Family!

Sounds like you had a fun family trip in Utah there. You can never have too many grandbabies around, huh? That´s cool that Grandpa got to go to the blessing, and that he´s feeling better, too. I think about him often, I can´t wait to see Grandpa Twitchell again.

Haha, how strange it is to think that someone quoted me at Church. They should be quoting Prophets and Apostles! But yeah, it´s weird because I feel like I didn´t even get to know anyone in our ward at home. So the Hoggan family. But that´s neat, maybe I’ll have to give a homecoming talk there too.

Way to go for Autumn, preparing for a mission and college. It will truly be a blessing! I can promise you that going to College and serving a mission will be eternally more gratifying than being a Disney Princess. And you get the chance to bless the lives of others. Just look at Jasmine from Aladdin. Do you ever see her doing something to serve others? Of course not. Keep reading the Preach My Gospel, it will really help guide you in your study to be a missionary, especially Chapter 3.

Well, today we had transfers, and Elder Oliveira got transferred to Parigot de Souza in Jardim do Sol. This is the Zone Leader´s area in the Zone that I started the mission at, way over in Bairro Novo. His house is like two doors down from Bairro Novo´s house. He´s going to like it there. Elder Oliveira was a great companion, he was very focused and truly has a desire to find the people that the Lord is preparing. He´s also kind of goofy, and loves to scare off dogs. I had absolutely no fear of dogs while with him, because he did all he could to scare them off. I hope he does well in Jardim do Sol!

Oh, and hey, you´ll be getting pictures soon, I promise!

So now my new companion is Elder Windous, an American from Nevada. He didn´t move very far--there are two zones in Ponta Grossa, and he was the Zone leader in the other one. Now he´s here.

This week was a good one, we were able to find a lot of new investigators, which was neat. Among these new investigators is a less-active family that we found. They´re all siblings living together, it´s one man named Vinicius, and then his four sisters. From what I could gather, only Vinicius and one of his sisters are baptized, so we´re just going to have to baptize the rest of the family. They all seemed interested in going to Church, but only one of them, a young woman named Tainara, could come yesterday. But Tainara was really well received, and was already making friends with some Young Women in our ward. I would say finding them was the most spiritual moment of the week. We taught them about the Restoration, and they all were asking a lot of questions, and all of them said that they would pray. Afterwards, Vinicius came up to Elder Oliveira and I, and asked us what he would have to do to be able to serve a mission. Isto ai, that´s what I like to hear, I hope they continue doing well.

Marcio also went to Church this week, but Giselle wasn´t feeling well, so she didn´t come.

What was the funniest thing that happened this week? There were actually quite a few funny happenings this week. One was last night, Elder Oliveira and I passed by the Stake President´s house to say good-bye. The Stake President has a daughter named Deborah, who has like 8 years. President do Carmo were always teasing her that she would marry Elder Oliveira, and Deborah always got mad, and refused to talk to Elder Oliveira. It was always soo funny. But last night, when he said good bye, and was leaving, Deborah just started Wailing like none other, she was so sad to see Elder Oliveira go. It was quite funny.

I still haven´t received the Halloween package, and I won´t know until the beginning of November when I go to Curitiba. In my Christmas package, let me see... I´m not really sure what I’m needing at the moment... I’ll try to find some things that I need in the Christmas package.

Well, I’ve got to run, but I Love you ALL lots. Tell everyone hi!


Elder Twitchell

PS Autumn keep studying Preach my Gospel, and keep studying to get into BYU also.

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