Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holy Ghost

October 1, 2012


So I did try to use my credit card this week, because I ran out of contact solution. However, the computer at the store denied access, and I couldn´t use it. So I went to the bank to see if it worked, and took out $R 20. Wow, $22? what a rip off, $R20 is more like $12 in Dollars. I bought the eye solution, but it´s way expensive here, in the next package I think it´d be good to send me some :)

Congratulations for Ford being born, that´s so neat! I did get the pictures I think that you guys should keep him It´s going to be a party with all of your grandchildren out there, huh? I can´t wait until I get to meet him in a bit!

This week was way busy, we had to do interviews and splitz like all week. I feel like I wasn´t even with Elder Oliveira at all. But we had a few baptisms in our Zone this week, so that was cool. Elder Oliveira and I are working hard to prepare some investigators for baptism, but this week we didn´t have any baptisms.

That family that I was talking about last week (the one where the mom already has an answer) went to church this week. It was just the parents that went, Marcio e Giselle. But it was cool, there was a lady in our ward that greeted them at the door, showed them around a bit, and helped them get to class. It was neat, I didn´t even know who this woman was, but she helped out a ton. It makes such a difference when there is a good member to greet investigators. This was a special Sunday too, because it was ward conference, so the stake president spoke, and there was a special musical number by the Relief Society. One of the ladies in the RS invited Giselle to participate in singing, so she did, it was way neat. Marcio and Giselle both really liked it.

What was an embarrassing moment for me this week? I don´t know, I’m always doing embarrassing things. We´re always talking to people on the street, so sometimes we talk to the same person like 2 or 3 times. This week, I talked to a man on the street for the third time, without remembering him. He got all frustrated, and murmurred ´You already talked to me, AND wrote down my address, and you still haven´t passed by my house!´ Haha, oops, but we really do talk to a lot of people. This type of thing happens to me all the time, I’m kind of retarded with remembering the people i talk to on the Street. In Bairro Novo it was even worse, there were people that I had spoken to like 8 times.

I have a funny story, the other day we were reading with some investigators 2 Nephi 31. We got to verse 8, which talks about how the Holy Ghost descended upon Christ in the form of a dove. Well, it was a little girl of about 10 years that was reading. In Portuguese, the word Dove is written as ´Pomba´. Also, in Portuguese, there is the word ´Bomba´ which means bomb, and they´re pretty similar. So when this girl read this verse, she read ´o EspĂ­rito Santo desceu sobre ele na forma de uma Bomba´ which means ´The holy Ghost descended over him in the form of a Bomb.´ Hahaha, it was sooo funny. Who says that the Holy Ghost whispers and is gentle? When the Holy Ghost wants you to feel something, it comes like a Bomb.

Well, enough of my shenanigans. I´m super excited this week, because tomorrow, Presidente Cordon is going to give us a training, on Thursday there will be a Zone Leader Council, and on Saturday and Sunday is general Conference. It´s just going to be a crazy spiritual week. The Holy Ghost is going to descend upon us in the form of a Bomb! I´m preparing myself by writing down personal questions, and I’m going to see how they´re answer during Conference. It´s going to be awesome.


CONGRATS to little Ford!

Elder Twitchell

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