Thursday, December 13, 2012

CHRISTmas Time

Hey Family,
Christmas is arriving, what a good thing. Christmas time helps the whole world reflect a little bit about our Savior Jesus Christ, and his birth. It´s pretty easy to lose focus on Jesus Christ, but in it´s very name Christmas reminds us on the most important person.
I´m glad you enjoyed the picture of Sidney and Karla´s baptism, it was a really special baptism for me. It´s amazing to see the difference that the gospel´s had in their lives. Their conversion strengthened my testimony so much in the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It can cause such an enormous change, if we let it. I sent the photo for you and Jan McKinney, who is one of the couple missionaries in our mission. They asked us to send photos of our baptisms to her, because I think she´s going to do a slide show or something.
It sounds like the Christmas party was a huge success! 150 people, that´s a ton! These kind of activities help a lot in reactivating people, especially when they´re a bit nervous about returning to church. I´m sure it was pretty stressful too, but it went well, so that´s the important thing. I´m getting excited for the Christmas Conference that we´re going to have on the 21st in Curitiba, the whole mission is going to get together. I´m really excited to see Elder Little and Elder Woodruff again. I found out that Elder Little is a District Leader, and Elder Woodruff is training. That’s great!
So Christmas time is really arriving. Santa Claus here is the same thing, with the big red suit and hat. I think it must be awfully uncomfortably for him, especially in the warmer areas of Brasil. He doesn´t have snow or anything like that to cool him off, just sweat. Like i said, here, Christmas isn´t associated that much with snow, but they do light off like a thousand fireworks on Christmas eve/ Christmas Day. But it´s neat, they do have the Christmas Spirit here.
Speaking of Christmas, we should start planning already the Skype. So our Ward Mission Leader, Lincoln, is going to let us use Skype at his house, so that´s already dealt with. The call is going to be on Christmas, but it has to be before 5 PM because 6 PM we have to leave to work. I forgot again the time difference, but I think it ought to be like noon or 1 PM there that I’ll be calling. But yeah, I’m way excited to talk to you guys, it´s going to be fun!
So Elder Windous is from Spring Creek, which I think is the same city as the missionary in your ward. What´s his name? I´m pretty sure he´s from the same city as Elder Windous.
Ok, something funny? People are always saying goofy things to us, especially contacts we do on the street. I talked to one man, that told me that his wife had died. I taught him a bit about the resurrection, telling him that he could see his wife again one day. He just gave a weird look and said
´I don´t want to see her again, she was cheating on me her whole life!´ haha, oops, that was a bit awkward, especially since this guys was like 90 years old... oh well.
Another funny thing, this week we gave Sidney a Book of Mormon, and told him to give it to a co-worker of his. Sidney had told us about him a few times, and how he was needing God in his life, so we thought that the Book of Mormon would help out. So Sidney did give him the Book of Mormon, and when he was talking about the experience, he was like ´Alright, i already evangelized someone!´ hahaha, that was great, I’m excited for him to evangelize more!.
Ok, so i already got one Christmas package (the one for the 12 days of Christmas). I got a paper from the mission saying that I have to pay like $R160 to pick up another package that´s arrived (this is about 100 dollars). I have to pay this in cash, so I’ll have to take it out of my debit card. And i have heard nothing about the Halloween package :( But we´ll see.
Well, I love you all lots, i keep you all in my prayers. Hope this Christmas season will be one that brings you closer to the Savior! It´s going to be a great blessing, I’m happy to be here on the mission this Christmas!
Love you, Keep safe!
Elder Twitchell

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