Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I week till we Skype

Hey family,

We were basically running the whole week this week! Elder Windous doesn´t want to miss a moment of his mission, so we´re walking at top speed everywhere we go. My legs are getting a lot stronger now! I´m glad it´s p-day, though, I’m going to rest a bit.

Yeah, that´s too bad about the package, I didn´t know that there was a deadline. This next time just send it the normal way where it doesn´t cost so much money. Haha, but that was funny that you called the mission office. We were just talking to people on the street, and we got a call from the secretaries, and he just said, ´Hey Elder Twitchell, your mom just called. She´s really worried about your Christmas package.´ haha. But I’m loving the 12 days of Christmas package. We had some muffin mix pancakes this morning, so that was fun.

Today Elder Windous and I went to a local park called ´Vila Velha´ or old village close by in Ponta Grossa. I sent a picture. We went with Cristiano, the ward Missionary Leader in Bon Sucesso, the area that Elder Windous was at here in Ponta Grossa before coming to my area. I think you mentioned Cristiano a while back, but he´s awesome. Vila Velha was neat, it had a lot of strange shaped rocks. We also saw a giant lizard! so I took pictures of it.

So things are going pretty well here, we will probably be having a baptism this next week, I’ll tell you more about it with Skype. Oh, by the way, I just wanted to confirm that we´re going to skype, but it´ll PROBABLY be before Noon. I´m not exactly sure when, just be ready. I´m way excited, I’ll have to write down some key stories that I want to tell you guys... And you´ll have to tell me everything that´s happening out there.

Everyone is getting excited for the Christmas Conference this Friday, it´s going to be great. Last year it was a good time to see everyone from the MTC together again. Now I’m excited to see all of the friends from the mission. I´m especially excited to see Elder Little and Elder Woodruff. That was nice of Elder Little´s mom sending you a thank you note. Tell her that Elder Little is great, he´s being an amazing missionary.

Something embarrassing? I saw a man walking on the street, that wasn´t paying attention, so he ran into a sign on the street.. hehehe.

I hope everything goes well with the move out there. It must be super hectic right now, with Christmas and moving and everything. But it´ll all be fine. You guys will really be having a new year--a new year a new house, a new place, new ward, everything. It´ll be neat for you guys.

LOVE YOU LOTS! I can´t wait for the skype in ONE WEEK!
Elder Twitchell

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