Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

December 31, 2012
Heeeeeey family,
Happy New Year!! I can´t believe it, it´s already 2013. It doesn´t even seem like so much time has passed. I devoted the whole of year 2012 in the service of the Lord. It´s a marvelous thing, I’m so grateful for this opportunity.
2013 is sure to be a lot different this year, for everyone! We´re moving to Utah! How weird. Presidente Cordon said that he´s excited to have me as a neighbor, if I live in Bountiful. You´ll have to invite him to my Homecoming talk.
Haha, Sidney told me that you added him as a friend on Facebook, he didn´t know that you were my mom, he thought you were my sister. ahaha.
Christmas here was pretty normal. We taught a few lessons at night (which I thought was a miracle! We didn´t teach ANYONE last Christmas!) and visited Sidney and Karla. Before the Skype call with you guys, we had cleaned the house a bit and studied, and then we ate lunch, and then called you guys. It was a pretty busy Christmas. How was it there? That´s neat that you got to talk to all of the family, how is everyone doing? I need to write a letter to you guys, and also to Amber and Alicia, I’ll try to do that next week. What did you guys get for Christmas? What did Santa bring?
Today is being kind of weird, today is Elder Windous´s last P-day. He´s really sad to leave, but he´s started to see the good side of going home, and seeing his family again and everything. He´s trying to take advantage of every moment, which is great. He´s being a great example for me. We played ´Bats´ and Basketball a little bit today. Bat´s is kind of like baseball, but it´s way more simple and you play with two teams of two. It´s hard to describe, I’ll show you when I get home. But I did take a picture of our Basketball dream team, which consists of 3 American’s and a Chilean. I´ll send it to you guys. The missionary on the Left is Elder Miller. I don´t remember, I think you mentioned something about him. After this, I think we´re going to buy food and then go home and rest. It´s Elder Windous´s last P-day, so I’ll let him decide.
This next week is going to be really busy, we´re not going to have a lot of time to work. Thursday Elder Windous is going to the Temple with Pres. Cordon, so I’m probably going to stay here in trio with other missionaries. Then, on Friday, I go to Curitiba for the Zone Leader Council. I know this week is going to pass by way fast, and I’m a bit sad. I´m going to miss Elder Windous a lot! He´s been a great companion, I can hardly believe he´s going home already.
Today for New Years we can´t do anything, we don´t even stay out late. Which is good, I like to sleep. For us missionaries, we don´t have any holidays. But, I am 100 percent sure that everyone is going to light off fireworks all night :/ it´s kind of annoying. But we´ll see.
But yeah, everything is going well on this side. That teenager didn´t get baptized, but we´re going to keep working on him, and we´ll see. I´m really excited for the New Year--it´s going to be a year of a lot of work and changes! I’m excited to see who my new companion is next week, but I feel a bit bad for him, because he´s going to hit the ground running here! We´re are going to work, find, teach, and baptize! I realized this the other day when you guys were talking to me on Skype, but I have little time left (by the way, when you said that I had 260 something days left, Elder Windous died laughing. He thought it was soo funny you were counting :) ) So I’ve got to take advantage of the mission!
I love you guys lots, I hope you´re doing well. I´ll pray for you, and that everything will go well in the move. It´s kind of scary, but it´ll be alright. Have a happy New Year, make some good goals for this year. Tell everyone I said hi!
Elder Twitchell

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