Monday, May 20, 2013

Baptismoooo ... Joracir

May 20, 2013

Hey family!

Batismooooo! We had the baptism of Joracir yesterday. Remember during the Skype call I said that we had just invited a woman to be baptized? Well, it was her! Her children were already baptized last year in Jardim do Sol, but she still hadn´t been baptized. It was a really special baptism. We were happy, too because she came walking to church, and went home walking too. I don´t know if you remember me saying this, but it´s like an hours walk to get to her house. I´m starting to be tough with our investigators, I make them really prove their faith to get baptized.

This week, I also got to go on exchanges with Elder Woodruff. It was back to good old times with him. Haha, it was fun. He made me a little bit homesick. He kept saying, ´´Elder, I can´t believe you´re going home!!!´ he also kept quoting Lord of the Rings with me. He agrees with me, the two towers with fire coming out in my area are definitely from the Two Tower. The funniest thing that happened this week was with him. At night, we decided to buy a pizza, to celebrate, so we bought a big pizza, with half of it being dessert pizza. It was really good, and we ate all of it. The only thing is that at night, Elder Woodruff started talking in his sleep and sleepwalking (because of the pizza, I think). At one point, he sat up in his bed, and looked over at me, and asked ´´Elder, what do you think?´´ I said I don´t know, and then he started talking gibberish, and fell out of his bed. hahah, it was really funny. When I woke up again in the morning, I saw that all of the lights in the house were on, because while he was sleepwalking, he turned them on. ahhaaha it was great.

Well, I’m excited to get to meet the new ward, they seem like really great people. I´m sure that I’ll be well received. I can´t believe that everyone is getting home already. Mitch, Kaleb, everyone. These two years have gone by incredibly fast. I´m definitely in super mode, and I’m sure that the Lord still has a lot of families for me to find and teach and baptize. It´s going to be a great next few months. Don´t even worry about the shoes, a member gave me another pair, so I’m set.

Well, I’ve gotta go already.

Love you all LOTS!!! Well, I’m pretty sure none of my birthday letters got to you guys in time, because last week the Elder that I gave them to told me he still hadn´t sent them (ahhhh!), but happy birthday to Amber, and Mom, and Dad. I was hoping you would get them for your birthdays.



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