Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book of Mormon is TRUE!!!

May 27, 2013

Hey family!

Comfirmation! Joracir got confirmed yesterday, so that was great. She came walking to church alone, which shows me that she really wants to be here. I love seeing faith in action. There is no better feeling.

The Lord was helping us out a lot this week. The last few weeks we had problems in finding new investigators, but this week we had a lot of success, and were able to teach the restoration to people who had never heard this glorious message before. We even found a couple who are LEGALLY MARRIED. That´s a miracle, because since I’ve arrived in Tatuquara, I haven´t met anyone who was legally married. Their names are Claudio and Adriana, and they have a son, Tiago, who is 9 years old. They were a referral from some recent-converts in the ward, which was great. It reminds me that one of the best sources of referrals in the ward are the Recent converts. We were able to teach this family about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon yesterday night, and it was a really spiritual lesson. We invited them to be baptized, and although hesitant, they accepted to prepare themselves for baptism.
This week, besides focusing on finding new investigators, we were teaching a 9-year-old named Richard. His dad, Alexandre, is a less-active member who we´re reactivating. His mom, Adriana, isn´t a member, but is interested in the Church. The only problem (besides gaining a testimony, which we´re working on!) is she needs to get married to Alexandre. Richard, however, is already living all that he needs to, in order to get baptized. We spent the week teaching him everything, but he was feeling unprepared for baptism this week, so we marked his baptismal date for this next week. He´s really, really shy, so a lot of times he doesn´t say how he really is feeling. We´re going to try to get him to play Soccer with the other kids in the ward, so that maybe he´ll open himself up a bit more to the Church.

What was a funny experience this week? Well, it wasn´t really an experience, but Elder Rodrigues and I found a Church close to the our Chapel here called ´´Evangelical Church: Jesus Christ, path to the Restoration´´. We thought it was great, because it was like a signpost. Yes, Brazilians, you are on the path to the Restored Church.

Well, we´re going to have interviews with the president this week, for the last time. I´m excited and sad at the same time. President Cordon has been the best for me. I won´t be surprised when he gets called as a 70.

I had a great experience with the Book of Mormon this week. The invite found in Moroni 10:3-5 is not applicable only to investigators--we as members should ask for a confirmation, frequently, if the Book of Mormon is true. This week, I finished the Book of Mormon again. I fasted, with the specific purpose of asking if the Book of Mormon is true. It is. I know it. It´s such a comfort to know this. Joseph Smith really is a prophet, and this Church really is true. I know that the promise in Moroni 10 can be fulfilled in our lives.
Well, I love you all lots!!! Have a great week. Oh, and congrats to Autumn, when she graduates from High School and Seminary!



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