Monday, May 13, 2013

Skype was great!!!

May 13, 2013

Dear Family,

Skype was great!!! It was great to see you all again. I can´t believe how big the babies are! When Austin started talking, I couldn´t believe it, he´s already speaking like a grown up. Elaina too, she´s a little person now. It was nice to meet Ford and Bentley too.

Well, this last week was pretty crazy. I´m getting back into the rhythm of being a Zone Leader. It´s a lot different, because instead of just worrying about your own area, or training someone, you have to worry about a big group of missionaries. I went on exchanges with Elder Machado in his area Rio Bonito (pretty river). It was fun, we invited a few people to get baptized while we were there.

It´s funny, because like I said during Skype, I’m going super speed on the mission now, because I have so little time left. I try to talk to everyone I see, and I’m always walking really fast. Also, in every lesson, I’m talking about baptism with our investigators. I´ve only got a few months left where my total focus is helping people make covenants with our Heavenly Father through Baptism. So, long story short, I’m getting crazier as my mission is coming to an end.

That’s good that we´re finally a part of our ward. It seems like a nice neighborhood, and a nice house. Haha, I kind of forgot how big the houses are in the US.

I got excited to hear that you signed me up for bowling!! That´ll be neat, Ben took bowling, and he loved it. Speaking of, I heard from Spencer that Daniel Scott and Tania are getting married, wo how crazy everyone´s getting married.

Well, it was great to see everyone. This last Skype call was the weirdest of the four, I wasn´t really sure what to say, but it was great too. I hope I made sense when i was speaking. I kept slipping back into Portuguese, because I’m not used to speaking in English.

LOVE YOU LOTS!!! Send a big hug to everyone. Tell Elaina to paint my room Pink with Purple Polka-dots! haha, that was funny.


Elder Twitchell

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