Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Interview with President Cordon

Elder Barkdull  --  Elder Twitchell  --  Elder Hobbs
Missionaries that were in his MTC Zone
Elder Twitchell with President Cordon (who goes home July 1)

Elder Twitchell  --  Elder Trevisanut (from the MTC)
June 03, 2013
BOM DIA! How is everyone doing!

Here in Tatuquara, our area has been progressing a lot. We´ve been able to work more closely with the ward this week, going on splits with our Ward Mission Leader, Eder, and the 2nd councilor in the bishopric, Serginho. We had a meeting with Eder this week as well, which helped us coordinate better with the ward. We discussed the needs of our investigators, and we received input from Eder, finding ways that the ward could help us more. With these kinds of meetings, and bringing new investigators to Church, we hope to conquer the confidence of the members. It´s always fun to remember members about their missionary obligations.

Well, this week we had Leadership council, so I got to see everyone again--Elder Little, Hobbs, Barkdull, Trevisanut, etc. The council was great, it was exactly what I needed to turn our area more effective. We learned a lot about effective teaching, using questions and adapting our teaching according to our investigators needs. Elder Rodrigues and I have been putting into practice the various principles we learned. A lot of times, when we´re teaching, there is a gap between what we´re saying, and what the investigator is understanding. We talk and talk and talk about the Plan of Salvation, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, etc, but the investigator gets lost! They´ve never heard of this Mormon Bible or good ole Joe Smith before! But through questions, that gap is eliminated.

Another topic that we learned at the council was the process of marriage here in Brazil, which is something our investigators have a lot of problems with. We have to be the leaders, the light to the people that we teach, so we have to help them, by the hand, to make these big steps in life. The same night after the Council, we visited Mario and Cleane, a family that we´ve been teaching for a while. We sat down with them, explained the whole process of marriage, and we got all of the documents that we needed. We told them that we would make the call to get their birth certificate, and set specific dates for our plans. I think that we scared them a little bit, being so direct and effective. But they could see that we were there to help them get baptized, and they immediately got excited about getting married and baptized again.

I had my last interview with President Cordon this week which was great! I took advantage, and talked a LOT with him! He also redid my Temple recommend. It´s valid until three months after I finish the mission. I also asked him what advice he would give me, if I was going home right now (because my LAST interview will be with another mission president, so it won´t be the same. I wanted to know what President Cordon would tell me). He told me to focus on 5 things after the mission, and if I focused on these things, I’d be happy. These five things are:

1)Temple Marriage! Don´t procrastinate

2)Temple Attendance! Less than once a month probably isn´t good. Also, I have a temple really close to me in Provo, so I don´t have an excuse

3)Education! Don´t put it off.

4)Calling! Don´t ever be without a calling. My first Sunday back, I should go to the bishop and ask for a calling.


Thank goodness I don´t have to think about ANY of this for the next few months.

I can´t think of anything funny, but I am sad that President Cordon is going home, I can´t imagine the mission without him. I took a picture with him at the Council, along with some other missionaries, just in case I don´t see them again before the mission splits.

Other questions:

Do I wish that I brought a blanket?

No, there are a lot of blankets here on the mission. I think bringing a blanket would be a waste of space in my suitcase.


I liked my Ecco slip on shoes best, because it was easier to get ready quicker. Also, if my shoes were all muddy, it was a lot easier to take them off. Whatever kind of shoe you get, be prepared to throw that shoe away, or at least switch the sole. I have yet to see a pair of shoes last the WHOLE two years.

When do I find out which mission I’ll be?

Well, the mission itself splits 1 of July, but our next transfer day is 10 of June (next week), so everyone will pretty much know which mission they´ll be in next week. According to the spirit of prophecy which is in me, I am 100% sure that I’ll be in Curitiba South, staying here in Tatuquara.

Well, I gotta run, but I love you all LOTS! Have a great week, tell me the news about the ward and family and everything! I pray for you guys everyday!



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