Monday, June 24, 2013

President Cordon's last week

June 24, 2013


  So you got to see the Missionary transmission yesterday?  We all got to go, it was fun, the whole zone was there, with a ton of youth, and ward and stake leaders.  I liked it a lot, but a lot of the things they said, especially about technology, will take a long time to get here in Brazil.  I don´t think I’ll see that many changes here.  I liked how they were focusing a lot on the MEMBERS working in missionary work.  I´m hoping that the Lord will bless me with more baptisms after the mission as well. But, for now, my responsibilities are here in Tatuquara.

  We had a lot of success with less-active members this week.  We´ve been working with a less active young-man in our ward.  Let´s call him John. (I think I should be a bit more discretionary with the names of the people I use).  Some of the youth in our ward know John from seminary, so they were excited and willing to help us out in bringing John to church.  We visited John with these youth, and we invited him to come to Church, and also to talk to the bishop at Church about going to the Temple.  Yesterday, these same youth from our ward went to go get John in the morning, and brought him to Church.  And, without any incentive on OUR part, these youth encouraged John to go talk to the Bishop.  As I was leaving the Chapel, I saw the Bishop speaking with him in his office.  I felt great about being able to help him, because like was said yesterday during the transmission, the same celebration in Heaven that comes with someone getting baptized happens when someone takes the sacrament worthily.

  Elder Rex and I have been going great this week.  We´ve been sharing ideas with each about how we can work more effectively with the members.  The focus of the transmission yesterday seemed to be on how the ward and the missionaries can work together more fully and effectively together, so we´re already making goals to involve more the ward.  It was good, because yesterday our Ward Mission Leader took us to and from the transmission, so during the car ride after, we discussed some plans to put in practice what the Prophet and Apostles taught.  It was exciting.

  There have been some political demonstrations here in Brazil this whole past week, in several cities, including Curitiba.  But you don´t need to worry about me, I’m far away from where the protests are at, the protests are more in downtown Curitiba, where there are a bunch of stores and stuff.  Everyone´s been talking about it here, and a lot of people are going to participate in these protests, including a youth from our ward (he was there at the beginning of the protests when it was peaceful.  As soon as they started getting violent, he left).  Besides everyone talking about the protests here, the work continues the same.

  This is the Last week of President Cordon.  How sad!  We do know that our new mission president is from São Paulo, but besides that, I don´t know anything about him.  I´m also not exactly sure about what´s going to change for ME next week.  But, next Thursday, we should already be having Leadership Council with him, so I’ll be able to tell you more.  I don´t think that the Temple is in our mission boundaries anymore, and I’m not sure if I get to go again.  But I think that we´ll still be able to go.  We´ll see!  Elder Barkdull is in Curitiba South, and Elder Hobbs is in Curitiba North.

  It must be hard for you guys, now, being empty-nesters.  It´s hard.  That´s exciting for Autumn, though, that she got to meet Quentin L. Cook.  But that´s a lot of pressure living with his granddaughter, she´s going to have to do everything perfect!  I´m sure that she´ll be hearing more about him.  Elder Olpin was dating Elder Holland’s granddaughter.  A lot of times she would send texts to Elder Holland, asking questions, and he would respond.  Neat, huh!?

  Well, I’ve gotta run!!!  LOVE YOU LOTS.  





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