Monday, July 1, 2013

Curitiba South Mission


July 1, 2013
Hey Family!
  Well, we´re no long the Curitiba mission, with President Cordon.  We´re now the Curitiba South mission, with President Fernandes taking the wheel.  This last week, we had a last zone conference with President Cordon, where he gave us some last councils for the mission, and for life.  During his training, he focused on three things--
1) The importance of being Humble.  The Lord won´t work with us, and we won´t learn, if we´re not humble.
2)The importance of Families.  We should search for and teach families, and help them get sealed in the temple.  Build up families
3)The importance of the Book of Mormon.  It is through the Book of Mormon that conversion happens.
A lot of what he said was applied to Missionary work, but I thought that these three topics also apply to normal members, and our own lives, so I thought I’d share it with you.
We also got to learn a bit about our new mission president, and the new mission.  Our mission, before, was 15 stakes, and one district, with a total of 200 missionaries.  Our mission now has 7 stakes, two districts, and 100 missionaries.  President Fernandes is a young guy, 42 years old, and his wife is 40.  They have 5 kids (and they´re all small still!  wowow good luck).  President Fernandes is from Angola (in Africa) but lived in São Paulo most of his life, and served a mission in brazil.  His wife, Sister Fernandes, is from Portugal, and also served a mission, in Portugal.  I´m SUPER excited to get to know them.  It´ll be great.
  This week was great, Elder Rex and I found some new families, including one family which was a referral from the ward.  I like it when we teach referrals.  That Young Man is doing well, he came to Church again yesterday.  He´s preparing to go to the temple
  The family that was supposed to get baptized yesterday didn´t get baptized, but we remarked their baptismal date, and we´re helping them out to get prepared.  They´re a great couple, we´re hoping to see more progress from them.
  We´ve been forcing ourselves to work better with the members, so yesterday, we went out to visit some people with our ward Clerk, Cesar, and his 12 year old son, Renan.  Just to let you know, Cesar is my new hero.  He went with us, in the wind and the rain, without even complaining.  This, of course, being on his day off from work.  Certainly we got all wet, but he was still determined to help us out.  Way to go, Cesar!  It´s nice to see this from the members.  They´re great examples for me, after the mission.  Maybe I’ll feel like I’ve already done my part, I’ve already served my mission, when i get back, but members like Cesar inspire me to continue serving.
  A week ago, i thought I’d write a letter to Amanda and Danilo, because i knew the Elders from Bairro Novo would be at the Zone conference.  I gave it to these Elders, and they brought the letter to Amanda and Danilo.  Well, yesterday, before Church, we went to go get some investigators, and bring them to church.  The investigator´s didn´t end up coming with us, but when we got back to Church, guess who was there to visit me!?  Amanda, Danilo, they´re little son, Daniel, and Juvencio!  Ahhhh, it was so great to see them again, and catch up with them.  They’re doing great.  Daniel is way big already.  It´s hard to believe that when i got on the mission he wasn´t even born yet!  It was great to see them and catch up with them.  We took some pictures, and i told them to send these pictures to you.  Amanda likes you a lot, Mom, she said that you´re very dear!  :)
  That´s great that Autumn is loving BYU.  I remember the first few weeks were so crazy, little wonder she hasn´t called, I’m sure she´s having a blast.  Freshman year is the best year of life.  And wow, Autumn´s running into all kinds of General Authorities these days.  How fun to have the little sleepover as well.  Haha, and tell Austin and Elaina thanks for the invite to play, I'm super excited to play with dinosaurs when I get back, for sure.
  OK, I love you guys lots!  Stay true, firm, unmovable.  Keep praying for me, Elder Rex, my investigators, and President Fernandes.  I think he´ll need lots of prayers!

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