Monday, July 22, 2013

2 Baptisms and Transferred

July 22, 2013

Hey family!

  That’s neat that you got to go to their homecoming!!!  President and Sister Cordon were so great to me.  And yes, I recognize everyone that you took pictures with.  I can´t believe how long I’ve been out on the mission, it feels like it hasn´t been that much time. 

  So today, I’m kind of short on time, I think I’ll send a bunch of pictures so that you can see what I’ve been up to.  Today, I got TRANSFERRED.  I got transferred to Parigot de Souza, as a Zone Leader.  It´s the area next to Bairro Novo, so I pretty much know everything here already.  And I’ll be seeing Amanda and Danilo, along with everyone from Bairro Novo, every Sunday.  So that´s neat!  I´m with Elder Morales here.  He’s a Chilean, and great, although he´s kind of hard to understand, with his Chilean accent.  But I’m really excited here!  I´m not sure exactly when I’m coming home, they haven´t told me yet, but I THOUGHT that it was on the 26th.  Oh well, we´ll see.  For me, I hope it´s on the 26th, and not the 22.

  Emanuele and Wallison got baptized yesterday!!!!   Wow, it was one of the best Baptismal meetings I’ve had on the mission, the ward helped out a ton!  There was a special singing number, sung by the ward, there was cake, there was food, there was drinks.  Emanuele and Wallison liked it a lot.  Also, at the Baptismal, the ward already had chosen their Home Teachers and Visiting teachers, so they got to meet them already.  It was soooo neat.  I was pretty sad to have to leave Tatuquara, but I’m sure that Elder Rex will take care of everyone there.  Also, Elder Woodruff got called to Tatuquara.  So they´re in good hands.

  Congrats on the new callings!  I´m sure you´ll love it.  I want to do something with scouting when I get back, I think it´ll be fun.

  Ok, I’m going to send you pictures, sorry for being in a rush today!!!


  Elder Twitchell

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