Monday, July 8, 2013

New President Fernandes

July 8, 2013

Bom Dia!

  This was a fun week, we got to meet the new mission president!  President Fernandes!  He´s the man, I’m way excited to serve with him, I think that there are going to be a lot of changes here on the mission.  President Fernandes is the second youngest mission president to be called in this wave, so he´s got all of this youthful vigor.  Not that president Cordon is old!  I feel like anything good that I say about President Fernandes is taking away from President Cordon!  What inner conflict.  But I’m super happy to be here in the Curitiba South mission, because besides having the best mission president in the world (President Cordon and President Fernandes being exactly tied for first), Elder Barkdull is still our assistant to the president.  It´s fun having him as a leader.

  President Fernandes dated sister Fernandes for like 3 months by mail, how weird!  Haha, I don´t think I could do it.  He served in the Manaus mission, and he baptized like a crazy man there, and he´s wanting to do the same here.  It´ll be interesting.  It´s kind of hard to tell right now what´s it going to be like with him, and maybe I’ll never see a lot of the changes he´ll bring.  But it´ll be neat to see.

  Transfers are coming up, but I seriously doubt that I’ll get transferred, I’ve got a lot more to do here.  We´re preparing Wallisson and Emanoeli to get baptized this week, and for sure it´ll be great, I’ll send pictures.  wallisson came to Church yesterday, after getting home at 3 in the morning from work.  He was pretty tired, but he was there, so that was great to see.  Our area is going well, too, the ward is helping us out a ton.  Especially the bishop here, he likes me a lot.  He basically obligated the whole Elders Quorum to go on visits with us.  Also, the members are starting to give us a lot of referrals.  Some members brought friends to church this week, and we marked with them to go visit them.  I feel like the work is starting to get some momentum here.  I think i have another 9 or 10 baptisms before i get home.

  Elder Rex is doing great, he´s pretty new on the mission, so he hasn´t gotten all tired or lazy like some missionaries get when they´ve been on the mission for a while.  (not me, I’m still going.  I´m in a sort of frantic, feverish state of diligence right now  :)  )  I´m enduring until the end, but unfortunately a lot of my clothes are not.  I think I’m going to come home with like two pairs of garments (and the rest are going to be burned).  My ´white´ shirts are becoming parchment yellow.  Don´t worry about my shoes.  I discovered this week that a lot of my clothes are getting mildew, because of the humidity.  Don´t worry, I’m being cleaner than I ever have been in my life, but there’s some things that laundry detergent can´t solve.  So yeah, the apartment is good, it´s just the climate here.

  This week I’ve been studying David A. Bednar´s talk, converted unto the Lord.  It´s a great talk, and it has a lot of content and information about conversion and testimony.  I´m trying to deepen my own conversion, and become a truer disciple of Jesus Christ.  Ahhh, it´s hard, because there are so many things we need to better in ourselves!

  I´m jealous that Autumn is at BYU, and hiked the Y.  Ahhhh, BYU is such a great place.  Freshman year is such a great time.  You´ve got to tell her to take advantage of every moment, because the time goes by faaaast..  It sounds like the 4th of July was fun for everyone.  Here on our end, we didn´t do anything special.  To celebrate, I drew a little American flag on all of the Teaching records I updated that night.  It was nutz.

  Well, I love you all lots.  This is the Lords work.  I don´t have any doubt about it.  I feel the Holy Ghost through me, every time I testify that the Book of Mormon is true, and that Christ established his church again in our time.



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