Monday, July 29, 2013

Porigot de Souza is a blessing!!!

July 29, 2013

Heeey family,

  Well, I guess I lost three more days of my mission.  I can´t even believe it. I really am excited to get back, and see the whole family again and get back to studying, but I’m sad to have to leave Brasil.  It´s funny, because I took for granted brazil and the people since I’ve been here, but lately I’m starting to value it all more.  It´s like what everyone says, you don´t know what you´ve got til it´s gone!  Oh well, what can you do.

  About seeing Alicia at Atlanta, I’d be fine with it, but it seems like a great Hassle on Alicia’s part.  I´m sure I’ll see Alicia soon enough.  I´d love to see her, but I think it´d be easier not to.  She´d have to get up like 3 in the morning!  haha, I love you Alicia!

  About who to invite, you can invite whoever to the homecoming.  I don´t know, I think it´d be cool to have just family at the airport.  At the home, you can invite whoever you feel comfortable inviting.  The day of the homecoming can be whichever.  You can leave my homecoming day the same day, if you´d like.  Or you can mark it on the 25th.  Maybe I’ll be tired from the flight and the mission, but it´ll be good to see everyone again, and have my mission fresh in the mind.

  One thing I DO want to leave marked is a visit to the Temple, soon after I get back.  I´m probably not going to be able to go to the Temple here in Curitiba, but I need to go at some point.  I need to account to the Lord.  Preferably the week after I get back (because I imagine that on that Saturday, I’m going to be way tired)

  Ok, lets leave this topic for now!

  Parigot de Souza is a blessing!  It´s been a crazy week.  So the Elders that were here before baptized everyone that they were teaching, so now we´re kind of starting from scratch again.  We found a LOT of new investigators, like 7 different families.  The Lord blessed us a lot this week.

  It´s weird beyond belief, returning to this place.  I´ve seen a LOT of familiar faces this week.  I saw several recent converts that I taught more than a year ago, including Amanda, Thiago, Felipe, and Vera.  Everyone that was pregnant when I left all of a sudden have a baby.  Everyone that had a baby while I was in Bairro novo all of a sudden have a toddler.  It´s been so strange.  Everyone was really excited to see me this week.  It´s fun to see everyone, but then again, I feel bad for Elder Morales, because we end up losing time at activities and at Church!  haha, I’m trying to avoid catching up with all of these friends for TOO long, but it´s fun to see them.

  Elder Morales is great!  he´s a funny Chilean, and is a great teacher.  He´s being an amazing companion, I’m sad that I’m not going to stay with him for that long.

  Well, I gotta go (it´s hard getting used to the 45 minutes again).


  Elder Twitchell

  PS Autumn should be expecting a letter, and I’ll send one more letter to the family.

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