Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun Week

July 15, 2013


  So we didn´t end up having the baptism yesterday.  Wallison´s work called him Saturday and asked him to work on Sunday.  This was the first time they called him to work on Sunday, so we weren´t even expecting it.  Emanuele didn´t want to get baptized without her husband.  So, we remarked the baptism for this next Sunday.  I´m just hoping that they don´t call him to work again.  We´re feeling pretty good about it, they both want to get baptized.  

  This week we had a ward activity for missionary work.  We got a long rope, and put it throughout the chapel.  At the end of the rope was the ´´Celestial Kingdom´´, and along the way were several temptations.  There was a room with a lot of food, a room with video games, one with a movie playing, etc..  We blindfolded them, and they had to hold on to the Rope.  When they got to one of these temptations, we let them take a peek at the temptation, and see what was there.  If they wanted, they could go, leaving the rope, but once they left, they couldn´t come back.  It was pretty funny, and a lot of ward members, and investigators ended up coming.  It actually turned out great.  I didn´t take any pictures (which is too bad!) but it was fun.

  So I thought you knew, but Elder Little is going to the same Chapel as I do!  There are two wards in our chapel, Tatuquara and Rio Bonito.  Elder Little and Elder Ritchie are assigned to Rio Bonito.

  Our week this week was fun, we found a lot of new investigators, so we´re excited.  Also, today, we´re going to go have an activity with Elder Little´s district, so that should be fun.

  It´s been a while since I’ve spoken at church, but Bishop Nascimento told me yesterday that in a couple of weeks we´d probably give a talk at church.  I love giving talks on the mission, it´s something different, and I always have something to talk about with the ward.

  Here in Curitiba, it isn´t REALLY cold, I just use the sweater for morning and at night.  I don´t know, I’m starting to think that everyone has been lying to me this whole time.  Curitiba doesn´t get all that cold.

  We had interviews with President Fernandes this week.  It was neat to talk to him.  My interview lasted like 10-15 minutes.  He asked me a bit about my family, my weak and strong points, accomplishments that I reached before the mission.  Then he wrote down the things I said.  He´s really intelligent.  He studies the scriptures like two hours per day.  Que crazy.

  I did get an E-mail from Halie, so that was nice!

  Ok, I’ve gotta run already.  I´m taking more pictures!!!



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