Monday, August 5, 2013

Leadership Council - got to see old friends

August 5, 2013

Hey Family,

  This past week was pretty fun, we had Leadership council with all of the Zone Leaders and District Leaders.  I got to see a lot of old friends--Elder Rex, Woodruff, Little, Vighetto, Edgar, Rodriguez, etc.  It´s great to see everyone, and see how they´re doing.  I don´t feel that much older as a missionary, but I feel like everyone i know is getting a lot older.  It was fun to get to know President and Sister Fernandes better.  They take our calling really seriously, and gave us a lot of guidelines in maintaining the dignity of our calling, but at the same time, they joke a lot.  Sister Fernandes told us all that we have to clean our houses more (Mom, I think you´ll be glad to know that I have, in fact, learned how to clean on the mission) and keep ourselves clean.  President Fernandes spoke a lot about obedience and Faith.

  During the week, we continued searching for new investigators.  We visited a lot of them from last week.  We´re starting to develop a good teaching group here.  It´s funny because Parigot de Souza is really similar to Bairro Novo.  Every time I get transferred, it takes a bit to adjust, because each area is pretty different one from another.  But here, I’m not so much LEARNING how the area is, but I’m REMEMBERING how it is.

  This week we were helping a less-active family come back to Church.  They were baptized recently, but stopped coming to church because they got offended.  We planned well our lesson, and brought a member with us to help us out.  It was neat, because we taught Obedience, which is a really simple principle.  However, even with such a simple principle, it turned out to be exactly what they needed to hear.  We used John 14:15 (if you love me, keep my commandments) and we invited them to come back to church.  Whereas before they didn´t want to come back, this simple scripture helped them reflect about obedience, and have the desire to keep the commandments.  It was pretty neat.

  So yeah, the area is doing well.  Elder Morales is great, he´s the best Chilean I know.  We share a lot of interests in common, such as eating rice and beans, teaching the gospel, and helping others to be baptized.  Elder Morales is a calm, thoughtful missionary who likes to teach the gospel in a loving way.  He´s helping me a lot, because I, as a missionary, am a bit more spazzy and frantic.  I´m trying to think of a pop culture reference to describe our companionship, but I am not remembering any movie that has a wise Chilean and a spazzy American together...

  The ward is doing well, they´re helping us out.  They have a lot of activities, which is great for us, because we can invited investigators.  A lot of them I kind of knew already, which is fun, Parigot de Souza is a good ward.  We had lunch with our bishop yesterday, he´s a character!  He´s way funny, I like him a lot.

  I can´t believe they changed the film in the Temple!!!  I´ll have to go check it out!  I don´t know, I kind of like the old ones, they have a special place in my heart.  But, I can´t judge, I haven´t seen the new ones yet.

  I´m planning of buying some things here in brazil so I can remember better.  I´m planning on buying a Soccer Jersey, and a Brazillian flag.  Other than that, I’m trying to think of things I can bring.  Do you guys have any ideas?  I´m planning on returning with pretty much nothing in terms of clothing (yes, all of my white shirts are going to be left behind), so I think I’ll have space. 

  Well, I’ve gotta go, but I love you lots!!!  Keep praying for me!



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