Monday, August 19, 2013

LAST E-MAIL!!! Elder Twitchell will be home Saturday

August 19, 2013

Dear family.

  Well, I can´t believe it, but the end has finally come.  I´m not sure exactly what to write you guys, because I’ll be able to tell everything in a few days.

  Yesterday, we picked up Elder Funk from Portão.  He´s going to be my replacement.  We´re going to be in a trio until I leave.  Elder Funk is a great guy, super excited.  He´s going to do great in the area.  This will make things a bit easier for Elder Morales, They´re not going to have to close our area because of me.

  I actually ate lunch with Amanda and family this last Tuesday, during exchanges in Bairro Novo, but Juvencio invited me again.  I´m going more to take pictures and say good-bye.  They´ve been so great to me.  I think besides Amanda´s family, and other missionaries, no one here knows that I’m going home this Friday.  It´s going to be a crazy week.  I know that on Wednesday, I’m going to the temple, so that´ll be good.  I´m going with everyone from my group, so I’ll see Elder Barkdull and Elder Reeves again.

  I´m about to leave to go visit Juvencio, so I’m already going to wrap things up.  I just want to say three things that I learned on my mission, of greatest importance to me.

  1)  I learned, without a doubt, that the Book of Mormon is true.  If anyone wants to get closer to God, they should read this book.  The Book of Mormon has given me the answers to questions, time and time again on the mission, and has been a great source of power in teaching others.  I know that my investigators lives have been touched, as they read the Book of Mormon.

   2)  I learned to trust in the Spirit.  I learned to invite, recognize, and follow the Spirit.  This was one of the hardest things to learn on the mission, but when I learned to recognize the Spirit and follow it with consistency in my mission, my mission transformed.  It really is worthless to work without the Spirit.

   3)  I learned to love others, even those who treat me poorly.  I think that before the mission, I really didn´t have a capacity to love anyone besides myself.  But on the mission, the Lord has helped me developed a great love for others.

  Well, I love you all lots!  I´ll see you in just a bit!


  Elder Twitchell

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