Friday, November 11, 2011


So today after lunch, my district mozied over towards 2M to get our mail, like we do almost everyday. It was cold outside and we rushed toward the door. We realized that no one had gotten out their ID card, which we need to enter any building at the MTC. We all rifled through our
pockets. We only had thirty seconds, a minute, tops, before we would succumb to the merciless elements.As Providence would have it, Elder Barkdull procured his card first, and quickly swiped it, and all four of us--Barkdull, Trevisanut, Sister Patton, and I-- tumbled in, panting and marvelling at how close we had come to freezing to death.We collected ourselves, and proceeded to our mailbox. At this point we were in the depths of hopelessness and despair. Hope of anything good coming our way from the Mailbox had died. The mail area, once a place of good cheer and optimism, had been completely corrupted by pessimism and dashed dreams. So, like a procession of lamentation--with heavy hearts and downcast countenances--we arrived at Mailbox #333. But lo, what treasures were in store for us there. What happy tidings and good news dwelt within our mailbox. Elder Trevisanut reached into the mailbox, yea, with a sorrowful hand. He felt around and--what's this? Something's here? Immediately, he took courage. His emaciated hand seemed to strengthen, and he pulled out his hand with two papers the color of courageous crimson. He kept one for himself, and handed the other to me. Oh timorous arms, don't fail me now! I reached out for the paper--that courageous crimson paper--trembling slightly from excitement. I took one glance at the top of the paper, and read just two words--two magnificent words, that made the world warm and beautiful again, and the darkness clouding my mind receded entirely--these
two words being "TRAVEL ITINERARY."So yeah, i got my Visa today. Sorry, i'm a little excited, so i decided to dramatize the whole experience. It's really not that cold at all. And we weren't really that negative or downtrodden about anything. I actually thought today was already a good day before i got my Visa.I'm supposed to tell you all the information about my travel plans, so
here i go.
First Flight:Delta Air Lines, Flight #1912. Leaving Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) at 11:25 AM,
21 NOV 2011Arriving in Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 5:06 PM, 21 NOV 2011
Second Flight:Delta Air Lines, Flight #105Leaving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 7:35 PM,
21 NOV 2011Arriving Sao Paulo, Brazil (GR) at 8:15 AM, 22 NOV 2011
Third Flight:TAM Meridionais, flight #3157Leaving Sao Paul, Brazil (GR) at
11:25 AM, 22 NOV 2011Arriving Curitiba!!!, Brazil (CW) at 12:27 pm, 22 NOV
So, as you may have noticed, i'm not leaving until the 21 of November. That means that i will have spent my whole MTC time here at Provo, which is cool beans. So, instead of going to the CTM in Sao Paul, i'm going straight to the field in Curitiba! Woohoo!!! Hahaha, i'm going to Brazil, i'm not going to have to get reassigned. I feel sooooo blessed right now, this is awesome.Also, you may have noticed that i have 5 hours of layover, and about 20 hours of travel time. So, in total, 25 hours round trip. I'm going to finish the BOM twice during that time. I'll be so much more spiritual when i step off the plane in Brazil.Elder Trevisanut is going to be traveling with me, so that will be cool. And Elder Barkdull's Visa should be here any time now, so there could be a possiblity that he will travel with us. Probably not, but i'm hoping.I don't know if you know this already, but Sister Patton got her Electronic Visa on Wednesday! So, she's definitely going to Brazil. She might get reassigned, but once you get your electron Visa, it's pretty much a sure thing that you're going to get your Visa. So, everyone in our District will be in Brazil! Certainly before Christmas! yeah!So, if you have any questions, please ask! i'm so excited, and i'm so glad that i get the chance to go to Brazil! Heavenly Father has truly comforted me during this time, and I know that I'm supposed to be in Brazil!I'll try to check my e-mail later today, so go ahead and send
Thanks everyone!
I love you lots!
Elder Avram Twitchell

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