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November 15, 2011 Last week at MTC

FAMILIA!!!Como vai!
Things just seem to be going crazy here. Everything seems to be wrapping up here, which is cool and kind of sad at the same time. It's all of a sudden very real--we're going to be in Brazil in a week, teaching people in Portuguese. Say what! I'm just feeling really serendipitous right now, having such a great district, such great teachers, such great leaders, and on top of that, learning
the best language in the world. Oh, and I have my Visa. No big deal.This past Sunday we had a "leaving the MTC" lesson with a member of our Ward Presidency, Brother Hodges. Haha, he's the most intimidating person I've ever met, but the funny thing is he doesn't try to be intimidating at all! Mom, I think you would have a hard time being in one of his classes, because he randomly asks people questions all the time. I remember the first lesson we had with him, we were talking about the 2000 stripling warriors, and he asked me,
"Who led the stripling warriors?" It's Helaman, of course, but I was so paralyzed by the intimidation factor, that I couldn't remember the answer! Lol, and then he asked me how many stripling warriors were, and I thought, 'oh, I know this one' with the certainty of a foolish novice. "2000!" I submitted
"No, 2060." Dang. Wrong again!
But he's really, really good at teaching. Anyway, he was telling us how we need to start packing early this week, and all of this stuff about traveling. He kind of got me freaked out, he said that people sometimes steal Visas or Passports, because there's an underground market for them. Man, I'm going to be guarding my Visa with my LIFE! I'll kill a man if he steals my Visa. Hodges also told us to make a good first impression on our Assistants to the Presidents, the Mission Presidents wife, and finally, the Mission President himself. A lot to remember! So, I think the
procedure is that I get on the bus to the Airport at 8 o'clock. It should be fun! I'm not sure exactly how everything will work, but I do know a few things. With regards to calling and what not, I really have no idea. As far as I know, I get to call you at the airport, but I'm not sure which one. They really haven't told me anything. If I had to guess, I would say I would call in Atlanta, but I have nooooo idea, but I think that a calling card would be a good idea. As for e-mail, I don't think I'm going to e-mail you again in the Northern Hemisphere. Me and Barkdull are now relating
things with regard to the Hemispheres, because it sounds so much more profound.
Like, ok, if I said today was my last P-day in the US, that sounds pretty cool. But when I say this is my last P-day in the Northern Hemisphere? Shoot-dang. That's not a light statement.So, I think I have some repenting to do. This past Sunday, I was pretty busy/distracted all day, so.... I didn't have time to write you a letter! :( I'm sorry! I promise I will send out another letter before I leave though. I'm sorry! Autumn can expect one , though. I finished hers before Sunday, so I'm thinking she could get it soon.Oh, oh, and another important thing, I cannot support or condone any sort of visit at the airport. That was something that they put on my traveling instructions
specifically, in Bold, on the courageous crimson paper--I cannot arrange these types of meetings. Sorry! Certainly don't come fly out for just that! I would love to see you, but I don't want to put that sort of financial burden on you, and it's against the rules. Thanks though! I know that you guys care about me, which is cool! I'll get to call you, though. Think, in a little over a month's
time, you'll be talking to me twice!
So Barkdull and Patton still do not have their Visas, but we're feeling really good about it. We're certain that Barkdull will get his, and Patton too! If not, though, they get reassignments on
Thursday, and Patton seems to be pretty excited about it. We're praying about it, and Patton will do amazing wherever. She is such a strong person, it's crazy! This past week, she has had this horrible horrible pain in her wrist, and they can't figure out what it is! We've had to leave the MTC three times so far, twice to the BYU medical center and once to the Hospital, to get her wrist
checked out. Yesterday it was hurting so bad that we had to go get her painkillers. It's really, really bad, and we have no idea what the deal is. But she is still suuuper positive, and hardly ever complains! She has to put up a hurting wrist, 3000 nineteen year old Elders, Elder Trevisanut, being a solo sister, etc., but she hardly ever complains. Even more, she's positive! She's such a great example to us, I just feel bad that we don't always appreciate that.
Speaking of, I'm glad you liked my letter I wrote about getting my Visa! I get bored sometimes here, especially with writing in my journals, so every once in a while, I'll just have some fun describing things in the most dramatic way possible. That whole scenario I described happened within a 2 minute period, and honestly was not that noteworthy besides the Visa. But I enjoyed making it seem like I overcame countless trials and traveled so far, all to get my Holy Grail--the Visa. I'm glad you all enjoyed it.As for staying an extra week, it's a little bit of a disappointment, but honestly, I was not terribly upset about it. We have amazing, clear, loving teachers here, and I'm excited that we still get to learn from them this week. Also, going down to the CTM would not have been that great, because we would have spent that whole day trying to orient ourselves. Also, I've heard that you don't learn the language as well down there. So no, I'm pretty happy where I am. Certainly ready to leave, though. I'm starting to get so anxious! I'm imagining teaching people, all the experiences I'll have, how cool it will be not speaking English for 22 months, and I just get sooooo excited. Honestly, the past few nights, I've layed in my bed for like 10 or 20 minutes just thinking about Brazil! As for the language, I think things are going pretty good. I'm understanding it more and more, which is really good. It's weird though, because with every day things, like talking about a meal or something, i have a really hard time. But during lessons and stuff, I can usually say what I want. The other day they had us teach in English for a MTC workshop, and I could not teach for my life. It was bad. I was teaching Barkdull about Chastity, and all that came out was what not to do, will you keep the Law of Chastity, and I know that you'll be blessed if you do. There was no substance to it at all! So yeah, I felt dumb.
I did Host last week, which was pretty fun. Although, it took longer than I thought--I only got through one elder and one Sister. My Elder was English speaking, and I didn't really know what to say to him. Oh, you're speaking English in Oregon? Cool... That will be fun... uhhh... you'll be able to say what you want in your own language, so that's a... bonus... And then the Sister was a Russian speaker. I get to do it again tomorrow, though, so I'll look out for E. Heiner. Trust me, if i get any Portuguese Speaker, I'm going to totally freak out in excitement. I'll look for him, and if I see him, I'll get him excited!
Sounds likes things are going alright down in San Jose. How is Dad doing with his calling? I'm glad you guys are doing extra stuff in the ward, I think you'll find that being more involved in church will bless you in pretty much every other aspect of your life. I'm super jealous that you have the babies with you. It's not even fair. They already look like they're growing up, which isn't
cool, they really should stop doing that. I hope you guys don't get sad that I'm going to Brazil, because for me it's the coolest thing ever. I'll still write, and I'll be sharing some legitimate spiritual experiences involving real investigators. It'll be cool. I'm super nervous, but excited too. I've never had to do something like this before in my life, and never will again. So, I'm just going to take things as they come, and give it my all. Gordon B. Hinckley said a few years ago that if he wanted any one trait in a missionary, it was being a Hard-worker. If you work as hard as you can on your mission, everything else that a missionary needs will come along with that.
Stay strong Family, I hope you guys know that I love you soo much and really appreciate all of the letters and support that you give me. In the next little bit I'll probably be gathering up items that I don't really need and sending them back to you guys, so expect that. I don't know of anything I still need for my mission from you guys, but thanks. I'm sure I'll forget something!Keep praying, reading your scriptures, and trusting in the Lord! I think about you guys all the
Love,Elder Avram Twitchell
PS. I've already decided that I'm going to baptize everyone on the plane on the way to Sao Paulo. What else am I going to do during that time on the flight?
PPS. Or maybe I'll read the BOM through. I think I have
PPPS. Or I could sleep.

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  1. I can't believe it's his last week at the MTC!! That went by really fast!