Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Pictures Nov

Elder Reeves, Elder Trevisanut, Elder Hobbs, Elder Barkdull, Sister Patton, Twitchell
An epic picture taken in front of the Temple on 10/23
Notice how I live up to my Jewish name -
I look like a Rabbi, studying out of the Missionary Handbook

Our later class, as of 10/23
Elder Reeves, Trevisanut, Hobbs, Johnson, Teacher Irmao Simons, Barkdull, Twitchell
Elder Glenn, Sister Patton
This picture came out horrible, but this was our morning class as of 10/24
Elder Johnson, Barkdull, Hobbs, Trevisanut, our teacher Irmao Maxwell
Elder Reeves, our Teacher Irma Gonzales, Sister Patton, Elder Glenn, Twitchell

Elder Barkdull and Elder Hobbs jumping ove a previously making out couple. This is the penalty for snogging outside the Temple during the missionary Temple Walk
Elder Hobbs, Elder Barkdull
Protective, but highly lascivious boyfriend: Scared, but none-the-less deserving girlfriend
Here's some Twitchell Artwork... Well ok, the Avatar Aang is mine, not the Genie version of Captain Moroni. Just for your information. I drew Aang without any picutre of Aang for reference
Rule #6 reads "Don't forget Sister Patton" We treat her well.....

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