Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Message from Sister Patton's mother

Hi Klaudia,
My daughter just e-mailed me and I wanted to share something with you. I thought it was pretty special and your son was involved. Kendra did get her electronic Visa last week so we think she will be in Brazil before Christmas. She has had a problem with her wrist and so has needed medical attention. It is strange. She is a very strong, athletic young woman so weare puzzled by what is happening. She is getting an MRI soon.
This is what she said:
"Something cool though, Saturday night I was in lot of pain, and Elder Barkdull and Elder Twitchell took me back to the residence hall to get medicine. On our way back, Elder Barkdull randomly said "You know we can give you a blessing if you want it." I don't know what prompted him to say that, we hadn't ever discussed it before, but I spent the next hour thinking about it and realized that maybe God was telling me to humble myself and askf or the blessing. So I did.
Elder Barkdull gave me the blessing, and it was his first one ever! You could tell he was nervous, but what was amazing was that as soon as he laid his hands on my head (The other two elders were also participating) the nervousness vanished. His blessing made me realize without a doubt that blessings come from God. He said actually what he needed to say. I know Heavenly Father is watching out for me, I don't know why I have this problem with my wrist but I hope it's for a good reason. I'm grateful for my elders, I have become close to them and they have been very helpful. They also have loved getting to leave the MTC :)
Sarah Castleton

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