Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter - Amanda Baptism

April 9, 2012
This week has been amazing! The Lord is blessing us with so many miracles, it´s ridiculous. We definitely don´t deserve it.
They do celebrate Easter here. In fact, it´s basically the same thing. They eat chocolate eggs, and have the Easter bunny. It´s such a strange tradition, isn´t? Haha, the members here in Bairro Novo definitely did NOT forget us this Easter. I think we received 16 boxes of chocolate, along with other assorted goodies from the members. lol, it was so much. I took a picture of all the
chocolate we received, you´ll. By the end of church, we had two backpacks full of chocolate, along with two other bags that we carried with us. We knew that we would get sick of the chocolate fast, so we decided to take some of the chocolate to our investigators. We gave three boxes of chocolate to this family of recent converts, to Vera (who in return gave us a little bag of chocolates :P), and also to Amanda and Danilo.
So, Amanda was baptized on Saturday!!! wooohooo! Wow, it was such an amazing experience. I started teaching Amanda the first week that I arrived in Brazil! At that time, Danilo was less active, and Amanda really wasn´t that interested in the gospel. But on Saturday, I saw Danilo--a worthy holder of the priesthood--baptize his wife, Amanda. It was such a great experience.
I also had the opportunity to confirm Vera as a member of the Church yesterday! haha, she loved it, she loves everything about the church.
I did get the Easter package, thanks a ton! Now I’m not going to freeze when Winter comes in June. I´ll be nice and warm ;)
I´m running out of time to write you, but this week was a really special week for me, I’ll write more about it in my letter to you!
Elder Twitchell

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