Monday, April 30, 2012

Zeneida & Joao Baptized -- I'm going to be a TRAINER

April 30, 2012
Hey Family!!!
Ok, sorry that I didn´t get to e-mail you guys last week, it was kind of crazy. So we had p-day on Wednesday, because we got to visit the Temple!! Wow, my testimony was reinforced once again that the Temple is the Lord´s house. This time around, I paid especially close attention to the specific covenants that we make with the Lord, and now I have the goal to keep all the covenants I made to the best of my abilities.
But anyway, after the Temple, we got back to our area, and went to send our e-mails, and the internet was down! And it wasn´t just down in that one Lan house, but it was down in all of Paraná! (Paraná is a state) So, we didn´t get to send e-mail. Sorry!
So, big news! I still don´t know if I’m going to be transferred or not, but I do know one thing--this next transfer I’m going to be training a new missionary!!! I still don´t know much about it, but I’ll be going to a training conference today that will train me on being a trainer. Also, I do know that my companion will be an American, so I should be getting one of those missionaries that are only at the MTC for a month. It´ll be interesting. I´m suuuuper humbled by this--I only have 7 months on the mission! But I had an interview with President Cordon today, and he said that the Lord called me specifically for this calling, so I just need to trust in Him!
Tell London Congratulations! That’s so amazing to hear, I’m really happy for her. Send her a message saying that I’m happy for her and that the Lord will surely bless her for this decision! It´s just blessings from here on out :)  (London is a friend of Avram’s from HS, who got baptized 4/29)
I hope Bentley is doing better. I can´t believe that when I actually get to meet him, he´ll already be two years old! That’s crazy. I can´t wait to meet the little guy. Oh, and congrats to Amber for the new little baby coming. Wow, I’m going to have lots of nieces and nephews to greet when I get back! haha.
So with Skype, it´s kind of hard to plan, because I have no idea where I’ll be in two weeks’ time, or if I’ll even have access to Skype!? However, you guys could help me out by trying to find out what my Skype account name is!? I forgot!
Please try to find out, and tell me in the next letter, so that I can be prepared come Mother’s Day! If anything, I can probably use the account of my gringo companion (he´ll be my first American Companion!) but I don´t have a certainty.
Ok, so we have had TWO BAPTISMS since I last e-mailed you guys. The first was João, this teenager that we had been teaching for like two months. Wow, he´s amazing! He´s been going to seminary every day, also, so he´s in good hands, and is continuing firm!
And yeah, Zeneida was baptized yesterday! wooohhooo!! It was great! I think this baptism had more people attending than all of the other baptisms that I’ve had until now. She had a lot of family supporting her. It was really cool to see this.
I´ll try to send some photos of the baptisms I’ve had, and also of my house here. However, it´s kind of hard because I need to use home funds for revealing photos.
Well, I’ve got to run, but I loooove you all sooo much. Sorry that I didn´t get to write you last week!
Elder Twitchell

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