Monday, May 7, 2012

Bairro Novo - New companion Elder Little

May 7th, 2012  --  Bairro Novo – New companion Elder Little

Everything is beautiful here in Bairro Novo!
Alright, about Skype, so it´s basically going to be the same as last time, I’ll be starting at about 7 PM here in Brasil, so it should be about 1 or 2 PM there in California. I´ll be using my account, avram.twitchell
Hope it all turns out alright!
So, my new companion is Elder Little! He´s an American from Paragunah Utah, and he´s great. He was a part of that MTC program where he was in the MTC for less time, so it´s been interesting. We´re getting along great, and I am trying to help him out the best I can with the Language.  It´s kind of hard the first little bit, but I’m trying to talk as much as I can in Portuguese so that he can learn quickly.  But, I also explain things in English when he doesn´t understand. We´re working really hard here, though. So in the first week, the new missionary has to do ALL of the invitations for Baptism, and Elder Little already invited 5 people to be baptized!!!!! Wow, it was awesome, he´s doing amazing.
Yeah, I know Valdecir, he´s great!  He´s a member of our ward, he´s a really good guy with a deep testimony of the church. Oh, and your message to him kind of makes sense. He´ll understand!
Oh, so yeah, go baptize Brandon. Now.
That´s cool that you guys had a convert baptism.  That’s really great news.  It´s so hard to get baptisms in the US.
So in that package, maybe send me some more peanut butter, and some sour skittles or sour starbursts or something like that. I can´t think of anything right now, but put whatever you want in there, ill love it!
Oh, so I got to go!!!!
Next time you get communication from me, it´ll be on Skype!
Elder Twitchell

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