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All is well -- May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 

Hey family!
This week was pretty fun, Elder Little and I always have weird experiences. This week we ran into like 6 or 7 pastors who wanted to Bible bash with us, which is always really annoying. They just start citing a million scriptures to us, and in the end we ask them if they would like to ask God if Church is true, and they always say no. Haha, and then, we just testify and leave as soon as we can. There are a ton of silly things that people say here. One older Lady told me that Mary (Jesus´s mom) created the Earth. lol wut?
So Thiago´s family stopped taking discussions a while ago. His Sister didn´t like it when we taught about marriage and Chastity, and his Mom doesn´t want to leave the Church she does to now. Even though she told us she believes everything that we say. But, this stuff happens. We can´t force people to follow the answers they receive from God. We´re getting kind of worried, because Thiago lives really far from other members, and so we´re afraid without his family going to church he´ll fall away soon, so we´re planning some activities here with the YM president to get Thiago to make friendships with the other YM in the ward.
The 5 people that Elder Little challenged to baptism did not get baptized... yet. Well, three of them actually moved away, but they didn´t tell us, and we have no idea where they went. The Other two, Jean and Leide, we still pass by, but they´re really hard to find at home, they go out a lot. However, the last time we talked to them about the importance of the BOM and Church, and they said that they would go to Church. However, this Sunday they called us before Church and said that they were sick... I don´t really know what that means, but we´ll continue trying to get them to Church.
Elder Little and I are doing pretty well, I think that Elder Little is getting used to Brasil here. I try to talk to him often and see how he´s doing, and see if he needs anything, but as far as I know he´s doing well. The language, of course, is a challenge, but he´s learning really fast. He´s brave as heck, when I first got here I was afraid to ask people to go to church or be baptized, but he just goes for it. It´s great.
The weather here, as always, is crazy. We have four seasons per day. In general, it´s getting colder, but I stay pretty warm, I have that sweater you gave me.
Well, I’ll try to get another letter off to you guys today, but I hope all is well for you! I´ll keep praying for Brandon, I hope everything goes alright for him!
ELDER Twitchell!!!

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