Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Call - HI to everyone

Mother's Day Skype was FANTASTIC !!!   Avram sounded really good he struggled with English a little, which was funny.  He is doing great, he loves Serving the Lord. 

Hey, Tell Everyone Hello   and I Love them!!! 

May 14, 2012  - e-mail

Hey family!

Yeah, the Mother’s Day phone is kind of evil.  45 minutes just pass by so fast, and you feel like you didn´t have time to say anything! Then afterwards I just feel dumb that I didn´t say anything.  Haha, that´s pretty much how I felt last time too.
My companion great, he´s a hard worker, and he´s pretty patient with me as a trainer.  I´m still trying to figure out this whole training thing.  After the phone call, he seemed fine.  A little sad right after the call, but I think he´s fine. We just sat and talked with the family who let us use Skype right after the phone call, and then went home.  I’m not super homesick, it was just good to see you guys. Tell everyone I said hi.
We used Skype at this big member family in our ward. The head of the house is named Charlie Schwambach (a really really weird name).  But within the family they have a Nephi and a Lehi :)  They´re really good people. And that’s funny that the Bishop added me as a friend,  I like him a lot.
That was cool to hear that your ward is baptizing. That is such a huge blessing, when a new member comes to the church.  I´ll keep praying for Brandon too.  I am kind of sad that I never participated as a member missionary, bringing somebody to church.  Autumn has an awesome opportunity right now.  Just be a friend, and invite him! But leave the baptismal invite to the missionaries.  They want to do that... :)
Yeah, I liked telling you guys about my experiences, I’m happy that you enjoy them. It´s still amazing to me all that the Lord lets me see here. He is the person in charge of this work, and for this, the miracles come all the time.  The Lord is preparing so many to receive the gospel.
I´ll also get off a letter to you guys today.

Love you lots, and tell everyone else that I love them too!

Elder Twitchell

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