Monday, May 21, 2012

Come Unto Christ - 8 months

May 21, 2012
Hey family!

Wow, you guys are really doing some missionary work out there! That´s awesome. What, you´ve already had like 4 baptisms there since I’ve left, right? That´s incredible. The Lord is really blessing you all. Baptism meetings are always really spiritual events, especially when there are a ton of people involved. It also sounds like Brandon is really doing well; it would be great for him to start having the missionary discussions. Yeah, it´s kind of a weird next step, suggesting to him to meet with the missionaries. I never got to that step! But just keep praying and fasting about it and the Lord will provide a way for you guys to invite Brandon to meet with the missionaries. Like that person said in conference (I forget who it was), he said that if we trust in the Lord, be a friend, and act with Love, we will be able to invite others to the Church in a way that is natural. I hope it all works out, keep me posted.

This week I have actually been focusing a lot on the ward here. Bairro Novo is an excellent ward, with a lot of faithful members, and I’ve kind of been forgetting to work together with the ward. So, during this week, I have been trying to work more with the Ward Council and with the bishopric, and also I’ve been trying to just offer myself for help to all of the members I run across. It´s already helping out, I feel like the members here trust me more now, and some of them told me about some friends or relatives that they would like to receive the missionary discussions. It´s a really cool feeling, because you know that these referrals that they give are sacred, and it makes me want to do my best to help them come unto Christ. We´ll see how this all goes!

We´ve also been trying to reactivate some less actives in our area, we have about 550 ´members´ in our area, but only have about 120 people at Church every week, so we´re trying to help some of them return to church. We had the opportunity to bring a lady back to church that had fallen away over 10 years ago. I told the bishop about her, but he couldn´t remember her, so I was thinking that no one would recognize her. But after Sacrament meeting, a ton of women from the Relief society went over and started hugging her, and catching up with her, and seeing how she was doing. It was a really cool experience, and it reminds me that my purpose as a missionary isn´t just to get people baptize, but to invite others to come unto Christ. This includes rescuing those who have lost their way a bit.

Elder Little is doing really well. The language is still hard for him, but it’s the same thing for all Americans! He´ll get it soon. I´m not sure if it´s better for him to have an American companion, because he can always just speak in English and I’ll understand, but with a Brazilian, you HAVE to speak in Portuguese. Sometimes I have to be kind of a jerk and make him speak in Portuguese when he´s not really sure how to say something, but it will help him in the end to speak Portuguese quickly. It´s kind of crazy, it´s already been three weeks since I started training him!!!?

The weather here is crazy, it´s kind of annoying´. It´ll get cold for a few days, and then the next few days it´ll get really hot. It´ll rain for two days straight, and then for the next few days it switches between clear skies and overcast--all to trick us out! It´s annoying. But, in general, it is getting colder.

Ok, I gottago, but I hope that everything is going well. You should be getting letters soon, if you haven´t gotten them already!!!


Elder Twitchell

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