Monday, August 13, 2012

Baptized Eduard and Josi

August 13, 2012
Saturday we had two baptisms!  It was way spiritual, Eduard and Josi are such good people, they´ve made a lot of changes in their lives to live more like Christ wants. It´s always good to see these changes. Yesterday they got confirmed, too.  I didn´t get to pass by their house since the confirmation, but I bought them a picture of the Curitiba Temple and a Triple Combination to give them as a Baptism Present. It´ll be cool.
This week has been going great, we´ve had a lot of progress with our investigators here.  Elder Woodruff and I are working a ton here.  I don´t know why, but I have the feeling that I’m not going to stay that long here in Guaraituba, so I want to make sure that I enjoy it while I’m here!  But the Lord is certainly blessing us.  My testimony is growing so much. I know that when we really forget about ourselves, and focus on others, we´ll be blessed.  I´m trying to forget myself and my own needs more and more.
Glad to know that I’m a literal descendant of Heber C. Kimball. Well, now I’ve got quite a name to live up to.  And even better, I’m a descendant from his LAST wife.  I´m just assuming, but I think that means I’m from his favorite wife.
Tell Dr. Baer hi. He´s right, they have these phone booths here called orelhão, which basically means ´Big Ear`. They´re shaped kind of weird, and they rob you blind when you use them :/ which is too bad, because we have to use them a lot here.  Way expensive.
I know, I need to send you guys a letter, I don´t think I’ve sent one since I’ve arrived in Guaraituba.  I´ll try to get one off soon.  Things have been going WAAAY fast since I got here in Guaraituba, did you know it´s already been almost three weeks since I’ve gotten here!?  wowowow craziness.  But no, I still haven´t gotten the Birthday package, but it´s probably in the Mission office, I wouldn´t get too worried about it.
Elder Woodruff is well, like I said, we´ve been working hard.  But he already has got this missionary thing down.  He´s teaching me more than I’m teaching him.  Also, we have some really amazing missionaries here in the District.  I feel really privileged to work with so many good missionaries.
Well, I’ve got to run, but have a good week!
Tell Autumn HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And GOOD LUCK AT SCHOOL THIS YEAR!!! And STUDY HARD!!! and PRACTICE THAT BANJO!  I´ll be expecting her to be able to play Casimir Pulaski Day when I get back.
Elder Twitchell

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