Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Italian Resturant

August 20, 2012

Boa Tarde,
Hey everyone, I´m doing fine. Today we had a bit of an adventure, our Zone Leaders and the Sisters wanted to go to this Panoramic Tower where you can see all of Curitiba, so we all went together this morning.  But, wouldn´t you know it, after an hour of traveling there on the Bus, we got there and we found out that it was CLOSED!  It´s closed on Mondays! looks like I’m never going there :)  But, the Zone Leaders called the assistants real quick for permission to go to some nice Italian restaurant, so we went there instead. It was pretty nice, and not really expensive. The restaurant didn´t really make any sense, though. It had a lot of Italian stuff, like pictures of Italian chefs and Italy, and it also had spaghetti and Pizza. But they also had some American stuff, like pictures of Obama, Martin Luther King, and the Actor from ´Gone with the Wind` (You know, that guy that says ´Frankly my dear, I don´t give a darn´) and, of course, the classic Brazilian Rice and Beans. It was pretty fun.
Elder Woodruff is doing well.  His name is Andrew Woodruff. We´ve been working a ton hear. Wow, things have been way busy, I went to Colombo to go on splits with Elder Sandoval there, and then I had to run to Rio Verde to do a baptismal Interview. But it was really neat; they had a baptism yesterday, a young man with 25 years named Admilson. They found him just talking to people on the street. And, two weeks later, he got baptized! Woowowow the Lord definitely has his people prepared in every place.
Congrats to Autumn for getting into Choir! Every moment, we´re getting closer and closer to our dream of forming a folk band! That´s funny that Autumn hasn´t gotten over her fear of spiders. There´s a daddy-long-legs that stays pretty much above my head. I already killed one of them, but I think his friend came over to take his place, and I decided to let him live. But yeah, I don´t think Autumn would like having a spider hang out over her head.

Yeah, that´s crazy that Richard is already going on a mission. I´ve almost been out for a Year YIKES! It´s going way to fast. These past six weeks seemed like they didn´t even happen to me. I do write some of my mission friends, I’ve sent off letters to Ben, Andrew, and Spencer. Do you have Mitch´s address? I´d like to write him too.
On the mission, we do get cell phones. However, we can only call other missionaries, our leaders, and receive calls. We don´t have credit for anyone else. Which is fine for me. I imagine that there are a lot of missionaries addicted to video games and stuff like that. It´s kind of sad. However, i don´t think that missionaries who had real problems with this would even get out to the field; they would leave before MTC ended. How sad!? I don´t want to play that much video games after the mission, I’m going to focus more on school, and other, more constructive hobbies, such as guitar.
Well, I’ve gotta go! ]
Elder Twitchell

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