Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Temple today!!!

August 8, 2012

First off, Congrats to Elder Little! Dang it, I can´t believe I missed the baptism by one week! haha, we didn´t baptize ANYONE together, Elder Little and I. oh well, I feel bad, but we really did work hard, and I’m glad that Elder Little got to baptize all of them. It´s good to know that they are baptized. I was wondering about them all week. I only found out today, when I was looking at the mission numbers. I checked Bairro Novo, and POW three baptisms. haha, that´s so good.
The temple today was great, it´s always good to go and remember my covenants. It gives me more focus. Today, while I was at the temple, I was just reflecting on all of the blessings that the Lord has given me. It was really humbling,. I can´t believe all of the help He has given me these past couple of years. He´s given me great parents, great friends, and leaders before the mission to guide and on the mission he’s given me great companions, leaders, and members to help me.  And, most of all, he´s guided me with the Spirit. It´s a good feeling.  And yeah, this is my fourth time to the temple already!  I´ve gone with every single one of my companions so far--Elder Brino, Elder Lopes, Elder LIttle, and Elder Woodruff.

I know Elder Armitage and Ham, they were from the same group of Elder Little.  I talked to them a bit today. Also, Sister Patton is in my Zone now!!! That was cool, this last week when we had a zone meeting I got to catch up a bit with her about her mission, it seems likes she´s been working a ton. Her mom should be proud. All of the missionary mom´s should be proud of their children, the missionaries here are working 24/7!
So tell me, am I Heber C. Kimball’s literal grandson? Or am I some sort of stray relation once removed? Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, I’ve heard several people here mention that there was a President Twitchell several years ago in Brazil.  I think that he was the mission presidente of the MTC in São Paulo. Do you know anything about that?
Elder Woodruff is doing really well, we´re working a ton here. The ward is suuuuper supportive, and they´re always going on visits with us, which is such a blessing. There are a lot of people that we´re teaching lately, and most of them have potential to be baptized in the near future. We have a couple that is going to be baptized this Saturday, Eduardo and Jósi.  It was cool, they got married last Friday so that they could get baptized. They’re really good people, with a strong desire to follow Christ.
Oh, and Elder Woodruff is from Good ole Provo. We´ll be seeing each other after the mission.
My area here in Guaraituba is pretty different from Bairro Novo. Now, I’m not completely sure, but I think that here in Guaraituba is richer.  At least the houses seem a lot bigger and nicer.  However, I heard that the Bairro Novo Housing was really expensive, so I don´t really know.
OK, well, I got to go!
Elder Twitchell

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