Friday, September 21, 2012


September 17, 2012

Dear family,

Eeeesh, I´m getting old, I´m almost to my year mark. The 21st is DEFINITELY hump day, I didn´t even know what day I´ll be going home. I don´t think about that that much. Haha, I think you guys think about it more than I do. This month has been the FASTEST month of my life. It just keeps going faster and faster. I pretty much wasn´t even in Guaraituba, it passed by so fast.

Ok, with fleas, I´m not having too many problems. I know that back in January Elder Brino and I were getting bitten every night by all kinds of creeping things, but since then, it hasn´t been that much of a problem. We get bitten, but not a ton.

Elder Trevisanut is right about the wife points, but for me its more like the more you suffer on the mission, the more ´wife points´ you gain. And the more wife points you have, the more beautiful your wife will be. Therefore, the more you suffer on the missionary, the better your wife will be. It´s just kind of a joke for missionaries. That´s why when it rains, I don´t even bring an umbrella. I get soaked to save up some wife points :) haha, just joking.

Being a Zone leader is cool, but I´m like you, I´m not even sure what it means. It just means that I have less time to do everything. When I was district leader, I went on divisions with each missionary in my district, and I got all of the numbers for the week from the missionaries in my district. As a zone leader, I go on divisions with the District Leaders in our Zone, and I get all of the numbers from the District leader. But I like it, it´s a lot more work, but its really rewarding.

I´m doing ok with the Language, but I´m trying to force myself to get even better. Adam D´agostini told me (almost a year ago, wow!) that once I get the language down, I should keep working, and try to truly become fluent, so that´s what I´m trying to do. It´s easier to do this with a Brazillian companion, so I´m trying to take advantage of this.

Elder Oliveira and I are doing well, he´s super focused on the work, which is great. He´s also kind of a goofball. That´s something I´ve learned on the mission, missionaries are all just silly boys, preaching the gospel. I remember people said before the mission that the Church must be true, because we have thousands of 20 year old boys teaching the gospel, and if the Lord wasn´t guiding this work, it would have crashed years ago. Yeah, I completely understand and agree with this statement now. The Church is true!

I still haven´t listened to the tape, because I still haven´t found a tape player!!! haha.

And also, for some reason, the pictures and videos on the memory card don´t show up on my camera. I didn´t even know that there were any videos, until I put the memory card on the computer, and the videos showed up.

That´s cool that Austin still remembers me, I can´t wait to see everyone again. But, I still have a lot of work to do, so you´ll just have to wait!

Love you all a ton!!!

Elder Twitchell

PS There are a lot of members who have asked me if I´m relatives to President Twitchell, who served as a mission presidente here in Brasil like 15 years ago, or so. Do you guys know anything about this?

PSS  I  did get the letters from the nieces and nephews. And they do have Halloween here, but they don´t celebrate it that much. It´s called Dia das Bruxas! (Day of the Witches)

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