Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zone leader - New area Ponta Grossa with Elder Oliveira

September 3, 2012



Ok, things have been way busy on my end. You guys will never guess! So, I found out yesterday that I would leave Guaraituba, and got called to serve in an area in Ponta Grossa, which is another city here in our mission!!! I got called to serve as a Zone Leader, too. I´m not too sure what that means yet, I arrived here in Ponta Grossa like two hours ago, and I’m with the other Zone Leader here, Elder Oliveira. He´s a pretty peaceful Brazilian from Rio Branco, which is way in the north of Brazil. So yeah, I’m writing you guys here from Ponta Grossa now, but I still haven´t had a chance to see how it is here. I do know that this area was an area that Sister Patton passed through, but then they took the Sisters out and put Elder in.

Also, Sister Horkley is in my zone now, so that´s cool. I´m seeing a lot of missionaries from my MTC group lately--Sister Patton, Elder Hobbs, Elder Barkdull, Sister Horkley. The only one I haven´t seen recently is Elder Reeves and Elder Trevisanut. I think the last time I saw him was in December!!! Where´d you go, Reeves!?

Elder Woodruff is staying there in Guaraituba. He´s lucky, I was pretty sad to leave so soon from Guaraituba, the ward there was really great. But Elder Woodruff will do fine.

About Leandro, he has 14 years, and Pedro still has not been baptized, no. I don´t know how long it will take for him to be baptized. But his family is pretty happy.

Elder Harper is well. Elder Harper and Elder De Araújo were serving together as Zone Leaders, but their area closed, and Elder Harper is going to open up an area pretty much neighbors with their old area.

I did know Elder Christensen, he was in my Zone in Bairro Novo. He´s pretty cool, but I didn´t get to know him all that well.

Congrats on the New computer, that´s exciting. Now you´ll be able to have more time to use the computer, especially on weekends. I´m glad that you got my letters, I know it´s been a while since you´ve gotten one. And I haven´t sent the memory card yet. The envelopes for my letters are a bit ripped up, because for some reason, the glue part of the envelope decided to start sticking, without me even licking them!!! So now with all of my envelopes I have to basically open them, and then seal them again with my own glue. It´s kind of annoying, I think I’m going to start using Brazilian envelopes.

That´s exciting that you´re going to Utah, have fun there, and tell everyone I said hi. I can´t wait to be an uncle for the 7th time, it´s going to be great to get to know my new nephew in a year. That´s cool that Adam is going to Italy, too. Is he just going to visit?

How have things been with Church lately? With Brandon? How is School for Autumn? Tell Dad that I sent him off a letter, it should be getting there soon.

I´m excited for my birthday, I’m going to bake that cakes next week, it´s going to be glorious. I´m sorry that Elder Woodruff doesn´t get to try some, but what can I do? :)

Tell me how everyone is doing!

Love you Lots! Happy Labor day! (They don´t have Labor Day here, but they have dia 7 de Setembro, which I think is basically Labor day)

Elder Twitchell

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