Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanks for the Happy Birthday Wishes

September 10, 2012


Well, on September 7th, nothing really special happened here. It was just a bit harder to talk to people on the street, because a lot of them were drunk. Oh well, what can you do. The missionaries serving in Curitiba got to be a part of the parade in Curitiba, so they marched around for a bit with the Book of Mormon in hand. The missionaries here in Ponta Grossa didn´t get to participate, but that´s ok.

You´re right, this week was way busy, but we got some good work done. Elder Oliveira is a great missionary, we´re working a ton here! This area is kind of weird, there are parts that are WAY rich, and everybody is riding in their fancy cars. I hadn´t seen any Audi or Porsche since I’ve gotten in Brasil, but in this week alone i saw like 10 Audis and 2 Porsches. What, que louco! And then there are areas that are just absolutely dirt poor. We taught a lesson this week for an old couple that recycle for a living. They were way humble and poor, but they let us in and we left them with a message and a prayer.

On Thursday, we had Zone Leader Council in Curitiba. This is where all of the Zone Leaders in the mission get together with Presidente Cordon and the assistants, and we talk about some of the problems in the mission, and how we can resolve these problems. In the morning we had some training, and then we ate lunch. Then, in the afternoon, instead of having more training, we went to the Temple! Wow, it was soo neat, Presidente Cordon asked us to enter the Temple seeking inspiration about how we can lead our Zone better. It was great, but we got home pretty tired. We had to wake up 4:15 in the morning to catch our 6:00 Bus to Curitiba. It took about 2 and a half hours to get there. Then, we left Curitiba about 6:00 at night, and arrived in our apartment 9:15. Wow, it was so long. It´s funny, because we got home absolutely exhausted, even though we hadn´t really done anything! We had been sitting the whole day, instead of walking. Just goes to show you that it´s better to work hard than to be lazy. The harder you work, the less tired you get.

Wow, I can´t believe that Elder Scott is going home already, that´s crazy. It seems like just yesterday we played basketball. I still have the ties that Elder Fukino and Elder Scott gave me, although they´re getting pretty dirty :)

I passed my birthday well, I didn´t even remember. I remembered a bit in the morning, so I treated myself to some peanut butter and Pineapple juice (this kind of juice is the best, they need to bring it to the US). But during the day, I didn´t remember, until 9:45 Elder Hobbs and Elder Brino called me up and wished me a happy birthday, and then about 10:00 Presidente and Sister Cordon called me to wish me a happy birthday too. It was nice, it´s funny how such simple little things like a phone call can make you so grateful. I did get the letters from the ward for my birthday, too, tell everyone thanks! I really enjoyed my Birthday. President Cordon said something really interesting to me, he said that I wouldn´t spend that many birthdays in the service of the Lord. And also, as Amber commented, a lot of my friends probably spent their 21st birthday a lot differently than I did. How grateful i am to be in the service of the Lord at this moment. I´m not a perfect servant, or a perfect person, but my Heavenly Father loves me so much, and for this reason he gave me an opportunity to serve Him and His children here in Curitiba.

Well, I’ve got to run.

Love you LOTS!!!! Thanks for the Happy Birthdays

Elder Twitchell

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