Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome 2013!! New companion Elder Hobbs

January 8, 2013

Hey family!

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday, it way busy for us here. So, first off, it was way sad saying good-bye to Elder Windous yesterday morning. We worked until the last hour of his mission on Sunday night. 7 Am Monday morning, he got on the bus home. It was pretty sad. I think he´s still traveling at this moment; he had to stay in Sao Paulo for 8 hours, Texas for two hours and Salt Lake City for 5 hours.  It´s a lot of waiting!!

But, I wasn´t sad for two long, because a lot of exciting things were happening. So I helped all of the missionaries leaving get on the bus, and waited until 10 am for my new companion. My new companion is Elder Hobbs!!! haha, I got surprised that Elder Hobbs was sent as my companion, but it´s going to be great. I’m way excited. I couldn´t believe it, because he´s from my group in the MTC. We´re both excited to baptize a ton. Also, two new areas opened up in our Zone, so two companionships of Sisters arrived yesterday. Our zone now totals in 30 missionaries, the biggest zone in the mission. ahhh, it´s a lot of missionaries.

So two of the sisters are going to live with another dupla of Sisters in downtown Ponta Grossa, but the other two went to another area.   There were missionaries there more than 6 months ago, but the area closed, so no one was living in the house there. Elder Hobbs and I went to the house, and it was a mess! It was so dirty, and there was like nothing in the house. There was a broken stove and a broken bed frame. and spiders and dirt and stuff. So Elder Hobbs and I, along with some very generous members from 31 de Março, cleaned the house and made it a bit more habitable for the sisters. We swept down the whole house, and threw soapy water all over, mopping up the nasty floor. We brought bed frames, mattresses, and study desks from other areas, and set them up for the sisters. We passed all of p-day yesterday helping out, but it still was lacking a lot of thing--fridge, sink, washing machine, plates, cups, forks, oven, stove, wardrobe. The mission bought these things and are going to send them later in the week. I felt a bit bad when we had to leave to go work, because I’m sure the sisters were a bit discouraged with the way their house was. But we´re going to pass by again when all of the furniture gets there, and help out. The sisters were being good sports about it. So yeah, that´s why i couldn´t write yesterday.

So I’m still here in Ala II, but I’m way excited to work with Elder Hobbs. We both are going to work a ton, and baptize a lot of people! We didn´t have zone leader council last week, but we´re going to have it this Thursday.

But hey I’ve gotta run, I’ll try sending a letter next week!!!


Elder Twitchell

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