Monday, January 14, 2013

Zone leader Council was neat

January 14, 2013
Hey Family!

Hey, so I basically don´t have any time today, but I’ll just say a few things real quick

Things are going great! Elder Hobbs and I are way excited to baptize everyone here in Ponta Grossa. We´re jumping for joy and we know that the Lord will help us out. It´s good to have Elder Hobbs here to help me out. He was assistant for more than 7 months!! We have an enormous Zone to take care of, with 30 missionaries, so we need all the help we can get. But we´re both learning to deal with so many missionaries, and it´s going to be great.

The sisters are kind of settled in, their still waiting for a fridge, sink, washing machine, wardrobe, etc. But they´re happy and excited and we´re trying to help out the best we can!!!

Zone leader Council was neat, we learned a TON. Presidente Cordon wants us all to focus on finding families and baptizing families, so Elder Hobbs and I are just talking to families on the street. Certainly we´re going to see a lot of success with this! We also learned about being a Leader Like Jesus Christ, and being a good example. It was really neat.

That´s crazy about the snow! Man, it´s so different in Utah, I’m excited to see what it´s like out there. I´m sure it´s being rough on the cars. So what are you and Autumn doing all day every day?

Hey, that´s kind of weird you keep watching my video :P haha, ok, but I do sing pretty well, so I can understand a bit.

I´ll try to get a letter off today, but we have to do a thorough cleaning at our own house, so we´ll see.


Elder Twitchell

Sorry I’m so rushed today!

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