Monday, February 25, 2013

ala Bom Pastor in the City São José dos Pinhais -- Elder Vighetto

February 25, 2013

Heeeey family!!!

Ok, I know where I’m at now!!!

I got transferred to ala Bom Pastor in the City São José dos Pinhais. It´s a little city connected to Curitiba, kind of like when I was in Colombo. Elder Barkdull is my zone leader here! haha, that´s cool. Also, on Tuesday, I went and got my new Companion, Elder Vighetto. He´s a Brazilian from São Paulo. He´s way excited to be here, we´re going to baptize a lot here!

So our week was kind of crazy, because we didn´t have a clue where we were, who to talk to, who to teach. It was funny, on Tuesday we had a meeting where we got our companions that we would train, and from there we all were told to go to our area and work. Elder Gabriel, the Assistant to the President, came to me, gave me the keys and the cell phone for our area, and basically told us to go find our house in São José. It´s because we went to do a ´White Wash´ in an area. In other words, there were two elders in our area before, but both of them were taken out, and we went to go take their place.

Hahah, it was kind of crazy. Here we were, Elder Vighetto and I, with all of our suitcases. Elder Vighetto looked at me, asked me how we were going to go to our area, and I couldn´t tell him! haha. We called Elder Barkdull, and he helped us a bit to navigate to São José, and then we entered in contact with the Bishop of Bom Pastor, so it ended up working out. But it was all kind of crazy. We got to our house, and it was way dirty, so we cleaned it up a bit, and bought some food for the week. The Bishop soon met up with us, and helped us know the people we would be teaching.

The Bishop here is real neat, his name is Bishop Miner. He´s actually an American from Texas. He´s way excited to have us here.

But yeah, we´re real excited here. Elder Vighetto is awesome. He´s 18 years old, and really excited to work here. We´re going to see some miracles here, without a doubt.

Tell Autumn Congratulations in getting into BYU! She´s going to love it there. I´m really excited to study together!

Hey, I’ve gotta go! LOVE YOU LOTS

Elder Twitchell

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