Saturday, February 23, 2013

Transfer/ Trainer to a new Missionary

February 18,2013

Hey Family!
Well, Carnaval week was pretty normal, they basically don´t have it here in Paraná. The only thing that affected us was on Tuesday, the day of Carnaval itself, we had to return home at 8 instead of 9. But it was really normal.
Emerson and Ana got confirmed yesterday, so that was neat. They´re so great! During the week we went over to Emerson´s house, and cut his hair. He´s looking a bit like Henry B. Eyring now, so that´s nice. His family is so neat.
So we had transfers today, and yes, I left Ponta Grossa. I was really sad about that, I wanted to stay one more transfer with Elder Hobbs. Things were going really well, and our Zone was baptizing a bunch! But, oh well, I had to leave sometime.
I got called as a trainer again, 11 new missionaries are going to arrive tomorrow. I still have no clue where I’m going to go. I´m guessing that I’m going to open a new area, but I’m not sure where. I also don´t know who my new companion is. Haha, I’m kind of lost right now, I have no idea what´s going to happen to me. I´m just here in downtown Curitiba in a Lan House with Elder Little and Elder Guimarães, because they´re going to train too. In a couple of hours we´re going to go to the Trainers training meeting, and then tonight I’ll probably be in trio with some Elders here in Curitiba.
Tomorrow I’ll be able to pick up my new missionary. I´m pretty excited to train again, and open an area. It´s going to be a lot of work, but it´ll be neat. It´s nice to have a little change up from being a Zone Leader. Although, I loved being a Zone Leader. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun too. It was neat to help the other missionaries in our zone progress, and have success, and baptize a lot. I felt like I developed a love for each one of them. It´s kind of weird. Maybe I’m sounding kind of gay right now, but it´s true!
That´s so weird that Blake already got back from his mission!!! eeeesh, I’m getting old. Elder Little already has almost a year on the mission. I´m going to hit 1 year 5 months in a few days. It´s kind of sad. I can´t even imagine what it´s going to be like, finishing the mission. I feel like I didn´t have a life before the mission, and that I won´t have a life after the mission either. haha.
What do I want for Easter?
Well, that´s kind of tough. I would like maybe a new pair of pants, I only have two pairs right now that I can use. The others got way faded. Also, maybe some new pairs of socks, a bunch of my socks have holes in them now. My shoes are getting destroyed, but I think they´ll last me the rest of my mission. One pair of my shoes I’m going to get the sole redone here in Curitiba, so don´t worry about it. I would like more peanut butter!
Well, congrats on the new house. That’s neat, Fruit Heights is going to be good. I also think it´ll be easier to tell people that my family lives in fruit heights than Erda. NOBODY knows where Erda is at! Tell Amber congrats on the new house too
Elder Twitchell

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