Monday, February 11, 2013

Emerson & Ana got baptized!!! Busy in Ponta Grossa

Elder Twitchell  --  ?  --  Ana  --  Emerson  --  Elder Hobbs
February 11, 2013
Hey Family!!!
We had two more baptisms yesterday!! Emerson and his daughter, Ana, got baptized yesterday! They were a real quick baptism. We just did a contact with them on the street like two weeks ago. Emerson was really sad, because his son died two weeks ago in an accident. So we went to his house, and taught him the gospel. He accepted everything quickly, and decided to get baptized yesterday. It was really special, I got to baptize Emerson. He´s a real good guy, with a lot of potential in the Church. We´re sending members over there to have family nights with them, to help them feel more involved in the ward. It´s going to be great!
Leonardo is doing great, too. He is 11 years old. We´re still working on his mom. She´s a great lady. We´ll see what a few more batches of brownies will do :)
That family where the mom is smoking is going well, although it´s kind of hard. She´s smoking a lot less.  However, she had to go to the hospital Saturday, and we´re not really sure what´s going on. We´ll see soon, but I think she´s ok. We sent her some brownies too, to help her get better soon.
Oh, hey, I did kill that spider. I´ll send a picture. Don´t worry about where I found it.
So with BYU, I’m still not really sure, but I think I’ll just get there late and work full-time. I think, no matter what, you would have to pick my classes for me. I´d like to be able to do that with more calm, so I think I’ll just work. But I’m not completely sure yet, we´ll see. What do you guys think? Also, next month we´ll be having interviews with our President, so I’ll ask him what he thinks. If I’m just with a normal missionary the last month, I think I’d be fine with going home a few weeks early, but if I am training, I want to stay until the end. We´ll see.
Zone training was neat, it´s always nice to see old friends. I have a lot of friends there: Elder Brino, Elder Hobbs, Elder Barkdull, Elder Woodruff, Elder Guimarães, (I was his district leader for a while), Elder Knowles. It´s really weird, because now my group is becoming the old missionaries on the mission. The Sisters from our group are going home next month!!! Sister Patton, Sister Horkley, and Sister Hass (Sister Hass is in my Zone right now). It´s kind of weird.
We´re are working a ton! I think Elder Hobbs and I are going crazy. Each and every day this last week was full of things to do. Today, we had a Zone activity, we went to the chapel in downtown Ponta Grossa, and played Ultimate Frisbee, and then afterwards we all ate hamburgers. I didn´t get a lot of pictures, but Elder Hobbs and the Sisters got a lot of pictures, I think you´ll be able to get it through them.
Well, I’ve gotta go, Love you LOTSS!
Elder Twitchell
PS No one in the world has heard of Erda, Utah. Not even the missionaries from Utah!!! haha.
Tell Amber Congrats on the new house. I sent her a letter too.

Smashed spider!!!

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