Monday, February 4, 2013

Brownies = Baptism!!! Leonardo got baptized

Leonardo with his family

He is getting baptized!!!  Elder Hobbs and Elder Twitchell
with Leonardo

Brownies Elder Twitchell made for Leonardo's
mother for her Birthday
February 4, 2013
Well, this week was, as always, really crazy.
We had a baptism! Leonardo got baptized yesterday. He´s been going to Church with his cousin (who´s a member) for a few years, but his mom never gave him permission to be baptized. A lot of other missionaries tried to pass by and persuade the mom to let Leonardo get baptized, but she never let him. However, Elder Hobbs and I won her trust, and we didn´t try to force him to be baptized. We were patient, and in the end the mom let Leonardo get baptized. The Lord really softened her heart. Also, I made some brownies, and put on top of it a type of chocolate that´s called ´brigadeiro´. It was sooo goood. I brought these brownies to the mom on her birthday. So that did the trick too. I´ll send a picture of the brownies.
So about BYU, I think I still want to room with Spencer and Ben and all of them, it´ll be neat. You can go ahead and leave me there.  I just don´t know how it´s going to work out, because my mission ends like a week before September 21, so I don´t know if I’ll be able to study. Maybe I can just work, but I don´t know what I’ll work with... do you have any ideas?
That´s nice that Amber finally bought a home of her own, that´ll be great. It´ll give Elaina a place of her own to wreck! How´s the new house? Where is it at, too? I think you already told me, but i forgot. Is it close to you guys?
Neto is awesome, he helped us a lot in Bairro Novo. Wow, it was almost a year ago he got back from his mission. I was his last mission companion, because before he got released as a missionary, his parents basically left him with us for a day. haha, it was funny. And yeah, I know Jessica Santos, she moved into Bairro Novo while I was still there. They were already dating when I left.
Last week we had a mission tour. Elder Dallin H. Oaks was supposed to come (because he has a grandson on the mission, Elder Oaks!!! Elder Oaks is way funny. I did a practice with him during a zone conference, where I invited him to be baptized, and he accepted. So I pretty much owned Elder Oaks, spiritually speaking :)) but his doctor wouldn´t let him travel, so he couldn´t come. But Bishop Stevenson (of the general bishopric) President Christensen (of the 70 presidency) and Elder Costa (of the 70 area presidency) came, it was amazing. Presidente Christensen gave a talk, and the rest of the time, they answered questions. It was so spiritual. Elder Costa was the man; I think he´s going to be the first Brazilian Apostle.
I really like that talk from Elder Ucthdorf also. I love any talk from the first presidency, they truly are inspired. I think my favorite always is the prophet. President Monson just loves people, and loves the Lord. He´s a great example of leading a Christian life.
But yeah, I gotta go. Hope everyone is doing well!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!
Elder Twitchell

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