Monday, April 22, 2013

Excited for Sealing

Dear family,

President Cordon called me today, and told me about the sealing, but I still haven´t had any word from Amanda or Danilo. I can go, but I have to confirm what time is the sealing with President Cordon.  I hope we can get a hold of her, I really want to go. You can ask Elder Vighetto, when President Cordon told me that they were getting sealed, I was bouncing off the walls!!!  Hahaha, I’m so excited for them, they´re so important to me. Baptism is great, but Sealing is best!
So, this week, Elder Vighetto was senior! It was great, I let him have the final say in all our planning and teaching situations. When he needed it, I helped out, but I pretty much left him to lead our companionship. One inspired decision that he made was to mark interviews with some of our investigators. In the end, we were able to have one interview in our area, with Reginaldo.  Reginaldo´s wife and kids are members of the church.  It´s been a while that Reginaldo has been taught by the missionaries, but he never was baptized. This week, he was forcing himself to quick smoking, so we brought Elder Bramucci to interview him, to strengthen his resolve to be baptized. The interview really helped out! He is certain that he wants baptism, and knows that the only thing holding him back is smoking and coffee. Right after the interview, Reginaldo got his thermal canister full of coffee, and dumped it all out. He then gave me all the coffee he had in the house. So, it seems like he´s not going to be drinking coffee anymore! We made plans with him, and he´s going to get baptized this week, if he´s able to keep away from smoking. To me, it strengthened my testimony in the baptismal interview; it is powerful in helping investigators progress for baptism.
In our weekly planning, we made plans for Reginaldo every day until the baptism, to help him stay away from temptation. We´re coordinating with the members and the ward to visit him, and we´re inviting everyone. Until now, our plans have gone smoothly. The Quorum president already visited him, and his Home Teachers visited him too. We´re going to be diligent, and make sure that he gets baptized this week.

Idalecio still hasn´t been able to find another job, but he´s still looking. He taught his son, Gustavo, the other day. Everyone in the family wants to get baptized, but they want to wait for Idalecio. So, we´ll see what happens, we´re going to keep visiting.

I know all of those missionaries that you mentioned. Elder Sudweeks, Rio, Morris, Gray, Reeves, Larsen, and Diamond. They´re great, I was Zone Leader of all of them except Sudweeks and Diamond. Tell their moms hi, they have great sons!

So this next week is transfers, and I’m not sure what´s going to happen, but I’m sure that one of us is going to leave. I think that I´m probably going to leave, and Elder Vighetto will stay. Maybe he´ll train, I’m not sure. But I think that I’ll leave and open another area, like I did with Elder Vighetto. We´ll see. I just want to baptize someone here before I leave. Reginaldo is our best chance! Well, there´s another person, Adrian. He also is part of a part-member family, and he turned 8 this week. His mom always goes to Church, but isn´t baptized yet. So he´ll be a mission baptism, but he almost doesn´t count. :)

Well, I love you all lots! Hope everyone is doing well. I´m excited for Mothers day!!! I´m going to have a STRONG accent when we talk! haha. I hope I don´t cry this time. I was talking to Elder Vighetto the other day, I think I’m going to cry when Amanda gets sealed. I also think that I’ll cry when the stake President takes my missionary tag. Ahhh. I´ve got so little time left. But I’m excited, it´s going to be great.


Elder Twitchell

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