Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zone Leader in Tatuquara with Elder Rodigues

April 29, 2013

Hey Family!

So I got transferred today!!! Ahhh! I had to leave Elder Vighetto and Bom Pastor. Now I’m in Tatuquara, which is in Curitiba. I´m serving as a Zone Leader again with Elder Rodrigues. He´s actually from my group from the MTC, it´s just that he was at São Paulo, and I was at Provo. Elder Woodruff is opening an Area in my zone, too, so that´s exciting, I’m glad to be with him.

Elder Barkdull got called as the Assistant to the President! Wow! I´m grateful to be part of this group from the MTC. Our whole group of missionaries is amazing!

I wasn´t able to go to the wedding, because I never found out the time of the sealing. Thursday, no one called me or anything... That´s too bad, but how great that they did get sealed. Send them a congratulations from me, and apologize for not being there. I really would have liked to, but I guess it didn´t work out.
This past week was great! Our main focus was on preparing Reginaldo for the baptism. We made plans for each day of the week, to help him arrive at baptism. We sent his home teachers, the Elder´s Quorum president, and we taught special lessons. On Thursday, he was interviewed, and on Saturday, in the morning, he got baptized. It was a really special baptism. He came walking with his crutches to his baptism, and Elder Vighetto performed the Ordinance. There were quite a lot of people there at the baptism.
I wasn´t able to go to Amanda and Danilo´s sealing, because I didn´t ever find out what time it was going to be. But that´s ok, the baptism was at the same time as the sealing, so I don´t think I could´ve gone anyway. But, they DID get sealed, so that was great, I’m so happy for them. It´s a great feeling, knowing that Heavenly Father let me participate in this miracle.
So Elder Vighetto and I finished the first 12 weeks program. I let him invite everyone to get baptized this week. He was happy to be able to finally baptize someone, too! That was good for him. Elder Vighetto has always been a dedicated and focused missionary, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to train him.

Well, I’m excited to get to work in a new area, in a new zone. I´m guessing that this is going to be my last area, so I want to make it count!!! It´s going to be crazy these next few months.


Elder Twitchell

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