Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

April 01, 2013

Hey family!

Easter was fun for us here, we got a lot of chocolate (although I have to say, I didn´t get as much as I did last year. I got TOO MUCH chocolate last year :) )

Wow, it seems like our ward is like super Mormon. We´ve got the Bishop and the RS president all close. haha. That’s great, good luck to you. I´m excited to give my homecoming talk there, it´s gotta be good for a ward like that, with 15 missionaries.

Wowow, you decided not to get a TV. Haha, that´s a big step, but it´s a good one too. I´ve already decided that I don´t want to play video games when I get back (well, not a LOT of video games). My companion, Elder Vighetto, gets really worried when I say stuff like that to him, because he played a lot of video games before the mission. He´s kind of like me in this sense. I also told him that I’m going to use a planner when I get back. This frightens him even more :) But yeah, I think nowadays, you can watch pretty much whatever you want on the internet. I think the only things I’ll be watching are like movies and the new Avatar: Legend of Korrah!

That´s neat that you got to go to the YW conference. President Monson is amazing, I admire him so much. You can be sure if you follow the prophet, you´re going to be blessed. It´s even better for Autumn, because she´s going to be a missionary in a little bit. I´ll have to study together with her after the mission from Preach My Gospel. Preach My Gospel is great, it´s an inspired writing too! In my mind, it goes like this:

1st Book of Mormon

2nd Bible

2nd Preach My Gospel!!!

As you can see, Preach My Gospel is tied with the Bible.

For me, things are going pretty good. I´m suuuper excited for General Conference!!! Woohoo!!! General Conference is like going to a rock show for me. It´s just an intense experience with the spirit! I´m going to find some questions that I want answered before Conference, and then see how these questions are responded by the General Authorities. It´ll be great.

So I haven´t heard anything from President Cordon about registering for classes, so I’m not really sure. Can you guys help choose classes for me? I don´t really remember what I’m missing for my generals, but if I’m missing anything, go ahead and choose a class for that (please, no social dance class) I think I’m missing a religion class... but I don´t remember. And with all the other classes, I’m thinking I’ll study Economy. I don´t know, frankly I’m not sure what I’ll do with Economy... Maybe what you can do is go ahead and choose these classes, but do some research for me and see what I can do with economy. Right now, I have three things in mind: Economy, Business, or Administration (a lot of people have recommended these things for me here in brazil). But I’m not exactly sure what these things are, or what my opportunities will be with each one. Economy is my choice, just because I pretty much know what it is, and Professor Kearl wrote me that letter, recommending that I study Economy. I don´t know, just go for it, I’ll figure it out when I get back.

Hey, try to sign me and Autumn up to a class together!

Ok, I gotta run, sorry I didn´t say that much about my week!!!


Elder Twitchell

PS I`m not a zone leader, I’m still training Elder Vighetto. But I’m a district leader here, so I still do interviews.


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