Monday, March 25, 2013

Crazy Week!!!

March 25, 2013

Hey Family,

I´m excited to be able to come home, it´s just that it´s coming up so fast! I hit the 1 year six month mark this week, how crazy! It kind of snuck up on me.

It sounds like you guys had a crazy week too, with the move, picking dorms, and everything. Haha, I had to laugh when you said that you are neighbors with the Bishop. Be careful, the Bishop is watching you! And wow, 12 missionaries serving in the ward!? It must be a Utah Ward. I´m excited to get to know everyone.

I did get some letters off last week, I wrote you guys a letter, and also I sent a letter to Aaron, but I’m sure it still hasn´t arrived, I sent it too late to get to him on his birthday.

My week here was pretty neat, Elder Vighetto and I were running everywhere. We had the training in Curitiba for new missionaries, and I had to do a few interviews in other areas. The training was great, and I got to see Elder Little again, which was fun. Elder Little hit the one year mark a few days ago. Ahhh!!!! I trained Elder Little, how does he have 1 year already!

On Saturday, I interviewed couple for baptism. They were really polite, but what caught my attention was their wedding. So they´ve been taught by the missionaries for like 6 months, and it was only this Saturday that they got married, so they had their marriage party at the Chapel. They are a young couple, about 25 years old, and you´re going to love the theme of their wedding--rock and roll!! :) haha, in the Chapel, they had tables set up with black table cloth, and had little foam guitars and bats hanging from the ceiling. I think that they played Rock and Metal music during the party, I’m not sure, I left before. But it was kind of funny, all of this rock and roll stuff in the Chapel. But they are way ready for baptism, both of them have really strong testimonies.

Elder Vighetto and I are doing great, we´re working a lot. We´re starting to have a strong teaching group, so lately we´ve been teaching a lot in houses (which is nice, better than being out in the rain!).

Well, the Church is true. I´m learning a lot. I feel like every week, every day, the Lord is blessing us so much. Sure the mission isn´t perfect, and there are things that aren´t so great, but it helps when the Lord has helped me out so much. Like I said before, I think you guys won´t even recognize me when I get back. One thing I’m learning now is being organized. I´m organizing everything--even my money! I´m starting to keep a little notebook to keep track of everything I spend (like you do mom). I want to learn all of these little skills on the mission, so that when i get back, I can succeed. The most important thing, however, will be getting help from the Lord, through study and prayer. I promise that all of our problems and questions can be responded by the scriptures and asking the Lord.

Stay strong everyone!!! Good luck with School, Autumn


Elder Twitchell

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