Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20, 2012 letter - floor plan

February 20, 2012 –letter
Dear Family,
I didn’t have much time to send off this past letter, so now you get two! Hurray!
Ok, just to update from my last letter… Luis got Baptized!!! He got baptized on 14/2/2012, cool, huh! It almost didn’t happen, thought. We planned the Baptism for 7:30 pm, but he didn’t’ show up! Come 8:00 pm and he still wasn’t there!!! And the members we had invited were getting restless. So, we went and called his Aunt, Silvane, who gave us the number of Luis’s grandpa, who gave us the number of Luis’s dad, who gave us the number of Luis. And, wouldn’t you know it, Satan had made him work late the night of his baptism, and he had just arrived home, at about 8:30. Luckily, a member drove us to the house of Luis, we picked him up, took him to the chapel, dressed him in white, and threw him in the water -- BATISMO. And it was on Elder Brino’s last night here in Bairro Novo, too so it was really cool experience.
We also had the Baptism of Felipe this week, he’s this young man with I think 14 years. He already received the missionaries a few months ago, but his mom didn’t let him get baptized. However, this time we taught a super Spiritual lesson to Felipe’s mom. WOW, it was amazing. It’s cool, because if you really listen with love to what the people are saying, the Holy Ghost will give you something to say. When we were teaching her, I was on exchanges with my Zone leader Elder Elias, and wow, he understands the importance of listening really well. He just listened, asked a few inspired questions, and by the end of the lesson she was totally ok with letting Felipe be baptized. I was a true Miracle.
So yeah, this week’s been pretty good. The Lord has definitely been blessing us here. Elder Brino got transferred, which was a bit sad, but he became a ZL in another Zone, which is great. I’m really happy for him. And he taught me a lot, first and foremost, he taught me how to work! It’s a good habit to have, work hard.
Elder Lopes is my new companion and I still don’t really know what to think of him. He’s a tall, goofy, freckly, Brazilian from Bel Horizonte and has been on the mission for one year already (Incidentally I’ll be out on the mission 5 months tomorrow. But I’m really excited to have a new companion and to work a ton with him! Things are going to be a bit harder now because I’m going to be running this area now, alone, basically. This is because Elder Lopes still doesn’t know the area, the roads, the members, the investigators, etc. But I do. So, I’ll be working a lot. What a blessing.
So, sound like everything is changing back home. Wow! Will Hoggan is Stake President, huh? Tell him congratulations, that’s amazing. Also tell Alicia
congratulations on the new house! That should be a good feeling, having a place of your own. Also, she has a letter on the way, so tell her to prepare.
I got a letter from Autumn today, so I’m going to write her a letter next week. Lol, I can’t believe she went on a date. I can’t even imagine. How cool!!
And also, how cool that you get to go to EFY in Georgia! Should be interesting. But I’ll write a bunch more to her in my other letter.
Some quick answers to your questions.

My Area: Bairro Novo is an awesome neighborhood of
lower to middle class people. They all
live pretty comfortably with PlayStations, etc, so I wouldn’t say they’re poor…
In general. There are a few people who
are really really poor.

My Bed/Bed room: My bed is normal size, I think it’s a twin. The sheet’s we bought fit perfectly, I can’t really complain, it’s comfy. I’ll do a quick floor plan of our house

But ok, I’ve got to get going!! I love the letters the way they are! Keep them long and full of pictures! I love it

Love you soooo much!
Elder Twitchell

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