Monday, February 27, 2012

Thiago got baptized!!!

Feb 27, 2012
Hey family!
That´s great about Jen´s wedding, and that you got to visit Folsom. Jen is great, I hope you said "hi" to her for me. And Elaina, of course, had to dance with the prince, huh? haha, that´s too cute.
Tell Kieri I said "hi"! Kieri is the greatest, she´s helped me out a ton, I hope she knows I appreciate her a lot. How is Kieri´s family doing?
And wow, you´re going to Georgia, that´s kind of random, huh? but fun too, you get to go see Alicia and the baby. I do want pictures, but I am not sure if you can send them to me through e-mail, I think it would be better through normal mail. I´m sure Alicia´s a bit nervous, but I bet excited too. A new baby, wow! I can´t wait to meet him.
Things for me are going Great! We had a super spiritual baptism yesterday, with this young man named Thiago (James in Portuguese. Strange, huh?) who is a friend of a member here. It was cool because he brought his whole family--parents, sisters, niece and nephew, and grandparents--and the family was reeeeally interested in the church, they were asking a whole bunch of questions. It was a really neat experience.
My new Companion, Elder Lopes, is a goofball who really likes his hair and clean clothes. Wow, if I have extra time, I write in my journal or study the scriptures, but if he has extra time, he irons his clothes, or polishes his shoes, or does his hair, haha, it´s kind of funny. But we´re working really well together, and I’m excited to see what the Lord is going to do with us together in Bairro Novo.
Ummm, so I still haven´t received the Valentines Package!!!? I hope it got here safely, I’m not sure. I hope nothing super valuable was with the package. I have been getting all the other mail, though, and I’ve been getting mail from several others. In fact, I got a letter from Elder Olpin last week, it was really cool.
So, don´t get mad, but I didn´t send off your letter until today, so it´s going to delay a lot to get a
letter from me. I´m sorry, but during Carnival week everything was closed, including the Mail office! But I’ll write you another letter today, already, so that you can get TWO letters! Also, I’m going to write Autumn a letter today, so she should be expecting a letter in 2-4 weeks. Yay!
Ok, gotta run, I hope all is well back home, and that you guys continue to write me, even though I’ve been a horrible son and brother and haven´t written that much for you guys in the United States.
Love you LOTS!!! Happy Leap Year!
Elder Twitchell

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